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Abel is the main antagonist of the Magia Lupus Arc in Mashle.


Abel admired his mother for her kindness to the poor, despite being a noble. Unfortunately, she was brutally murdered by a poor man hoarding the food, claiming that was her comeuppance. This made Abel vengeful, and vowed to become the Divine Visionary to exterminate the commoners.


Abel is a male teenager with long white hair with purple highlights. His eyes are purple with cross shaped pupils. He also has three magic lines, one of them being artificial. For clothing, he wears a furred coat over his school uniform.


As a result of the loss of his mother, Abel has no mercy, and will go to extreme lengths to complete his goals. However, he does care for his comrades, especially Abyss.

After his defeat at the hands of Mash, he has a change of heart.

Powers & Abilities

  • Large Magic Supply: Abel has a large supply of magic power.
  • Doll Magic: Abel's personal magic. He can create dolls of many shapes and sizes, and even turn people into dolls.


  • Marioness: A spell that allows Abel to turn humans into dolls he can control.
  • Marioness Secondth - Harm Puppet: A spell that can turn anything within a 100 meter raidus into a puppet that Abel can control. Invisible strings attatch themselves to people or objects, allowing Abel to control them.
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