Abel was the Olympic sun god, son of Zeus and the brother of Athena. He, like his sister, would be remembered as a god Greek mythological the present humanity, but he rebelled against his father, and lost his post to Apollo, and it made him to be forgotten by humans, which explains why him being a Greek god who does not exist in mythological our real world (in fact, he was a character created by anime Saint Seiya, and this story just explained the fact it does not exist in mythology).

Abel, however, revived to follow the orders of his father, wanting to destroy the earth to cleanse it, and live with her sister, being protected by five saints of Athena, and 3 saints of Abel. Athena, however, will purposely the house of the brother, to try to kill him, but succumbed to the power of the sun god, that defeat, and it makes your soul be sent to Yomotsu, site to where they go who is going to die . Abel then is defeated by Seiya.

He, along with Poseidon and Eris, relives Lucifer in exchange itrevives them later.