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Listen up, squirt, you’re gonna quit pointing that gun at me, and let me go my merry, you understand?
~ Abel threatening AJ.
My... my whole life, everything I ever got, I got with my own two hands... and my will. For my body... to turn on me... to take control... I'll tell you where to find Lilly! Just promise... you won't let me turn. I'm begging you...
~ Abel expressing fear when faced with his imminent death and reanimation.

Abel is the secondary antagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. He is responsible of the events of the second half of the game.

He is voiced by Alex Fernandez, who also voiced Carlito Keyes.



At one point after the outbreak, he joins a group of raiders led by Lilly, and becomes her right-hand man. At some point, Marlon gave both of Tennessee's sisters, Minerva and Sophie, to him and his group of raiders so they would leave the boarding school alone. The twins were taken to be trained as soldiers in Delta's army, in their war against another community.

Nonetheless, later on, Abel would trigger and loot the boarding school's traps, leaving some of his hand rolled cigarettes behind on the scene. It is later revealed that if brought up by Clementine, he will confirm that it was him who set off the traps.

Encounter with Clementine and AJ

As AJ and Clementine are taking food from the train station, he appears before them and holds them at gunpoint. He tells them that he just wants food and picks up one of their duffel bags. Clementine can choose to either tell AJ to shoot him, attack him herself, or tell AJ to put the gun down.

If Clementine tells AJ to shoot him, Abel will retaliate and shoot both AJ and Clementine in the head, killing them, which results in a game over.

If Clementine attacks Abel herself, she pushes him towards an open window in which two zombies grab at him and pull him out. Two gunshots are heard, presumably meaning that he may have survived.

If Clementine tells AJ to put the gun down, AJ will put the gun down and Abel will steal the food and take off after Violet enters.

Second Encounter

Shortly after Clementine and AJ were kicked out of the boarding school, they come across Abel in the woods along with Lilly.

If Clementine attacked Abel in the previous episode, it is shown that his arm has been amputated because he was bitten.

Interrogation and Death

After his interrogation, Abel is close to death. Afterwards, he is either put down by Clementine, or left to reanimate. His corpse/zombified body is later tied to a tree in front of the school to act as a warning to others.


  • His left eye is brown, while his right eye is blue. This is known as complete heterochromia.
  • Abel is the sixth known smoker in the game, the first being Pete, second being Walter, third being Tavia, fourth being Bonnie and the fifth being Berto.
  • Abel makes his cigarettes out of torn bible pages. It isn't known if this is a personal choice or out of necessity.
  • Abel has a high resistance to pain, much like Carver.
    • In addition, he's one of the few characters who stayed physically fit even after losing a limb, a trait shared with Lee Everett
  • Abel will have his left arm amputated if he was pushed out of the window.
  • Abel is the first adult to appear in The Walking Dead: Final Season during the first episode.
  • In his final episode during his interrogation before being wakened up by Clementine in varied ways, he says he was dreaming about a girl he used to know from the pre-apocalypse who had him "tied up" but not like a prisoner.


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