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Abel Bluefield is the main antagonist from the 2021 original Japanese anime television series, Fena: Pirate Princess. He is the former love interest of Helena des Armoises who is pasting by in episode 9. He also is the British Army who takes down in the tracking down Fena Houtman.

He was voiced by Toshiyuki Marikawa and Miho Okasaki as a young in Japanese and Ryan Nicolls and Daman Mills as a young in English.


Abel is a tall young man with light blond hair with slim features, and blue eyes. After turned into a evil, he was a red eyes. He wears a blue military jacket with yellow flutter shoulders, light green lines and spots, a white feather collar, light blue shirt, dark grey pants, and black boots.

As a young, he still has light blond hair with blue ponytail slim features. He still wears a blue military jacket with blue bow, gold lines, dark blue and white shirt, black pants, white socks, and black shoes.


Abel is very cold outgoing, heartless, and polite, which he came around of the consummate gentleman and duty. Even then, he horror the interest of curse at the kidnapped Fena, who he loved at her Fena's mother, and despite his obsession to decide her to case about her dead.

He is also was very calculating and affable didn't anything about loyal to his crew or underlings would their bear himself, discharge O'Malley and her crew at the Rumble Rose doesn't give them their second chance without they broken up the rule and end of deal brought at them from Fena of the way to cut her throat. He also is passion learner, order a captain at the ship is having to excessively power weapon, as usual the Wellington cannon will destroy the Rumble Rose to the single explosive at the round of ammunition.


Abel's abilities was the possessed of the master combatant, uncanny marksmanship, that claims will able to the distance in ten pacing to shoot not to be able off the wings out of flying that his third-barreled pistol.

However, he was the master portrait artist, is drawing an creator the realistic painting in Hena's mother.