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Aber Rindt is an officer of the A-Laws and a minor antagonist in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is overall a shrewd military man that hides behind power to compensate for his small courage that is mainly seen in charge of the Memento Mori.

Personality and skills

His confidence and bravery is relative to the success rate of a mission. When he is at a advantage, he displays much bravado, carrying a narcissistic attitude, showing-off, and belittles those he feel inferior to him. However, when things go bad, he is quick to cower and expects those under his command to help him in desperate situations. He often relies on the talents of other people to help him succeed in his career, but shows no appreciation for those under his command. Being a shrewd survivalist and tactician, he always make sure to attack the enemy in overwhelming force to ensure victory; however he often underestimates his enemies. He's a poor tactician as he lacks imagination and foresight beyond the scope of his own strategies.


Rindt first appeared when he was in charge of the attack on the Celestial Being's ship, Ptolemy 2, he sent the underwater Mobile Armour Trilobite  to attack the ship, then had his carrier to fire chemical bomb to sink it, however, with Sumeragi's command, his plan was thwated. When Setsuna was going to sink his carrier and kills him, Mr. Bushido appears to fight Setsuna and saved Rindt as a result. Due to his defeat, he is put under co-command with Kati Mannequin.

Soon, after Saji Crossroad accidentally leaked the position of a base of Katharon, the A-Laws sent automations to massacre it. Rindt told Kati not to sympathy for them and went to Sergei Smirnov's carrier. He slapped Sergei for letting Saji,who they believed is a Katharon agent go.

Eventually, Rindt was put in charge of the superweapon Memento Mori, which was used to destroy the Kingdom of Suille, then the Richiera Kingdom military base. This drew the attention of Celestial Being and Katharon, much to Rindt's delight as he believed that this would be a chance to destroy Celestial Being. When the Ptolemy 2 was forced to the firing range of Memento Mori, Rindt had it to fire, he was about to show-off when Ptolemy 2 avoided it. After the Seravee Gundam firs a brust sphere, followed by Gn-missles from Ptolemy 2 to the Memento Mori, Rindt noticed that their fire power is not strong enough to destroy Memento Mori's electromagnetic light resonance chamber. However, it was soon sniped by Lockon (Lyle) in the Cherudim. The Memento Mori then exploded, the debris slammed into Rindt's carrier, thus destroying it too and ultimately killing Rindt.


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