Abercrombie is a seemingly harmless human quest giver in World of Warcraft, located just northeast of Raven Hill Cemetery in the human-aligned territory of Duskwood. He is a hermit who is also known as the Embalmer.

He was a kindly alchemist and citizen of Raven Hill, he was a serious man, who worked both to stay alive and to stop the undead, but was driven mad by the death of his wife Eliza.

To restore her, he used dark magic to place his own heart within the bosom of his dead spouse. This revived Eliza, but it cursed her with a hunger for human flesh, forcing the Embalmer to keep her buried. His heart is his power. Through a series of quests, unsuspecting adventurers aid Abercrombie in creating the horrible abomination Stitches.

After the adventurer helped Abercrombie build Stitches, he and his new creation assaulted Darkshire to the east. There, an epic battle took place between the Night Watch and Stitches, which resulted in both their deaths as well as damage to the town itself.



  • While regarded as a necromancer Abercrombie is technically a type of Lich, since he has taken a part of himself and hidden it inside another - this is a signature of liches, who also keep a portion of themselves hidden away to ensure their own immortality: unlike traditional liches Abercrombie retains his human appearance and personality (or is at least able to disguise his true nature).