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Abhay Nandhakumar is main villain of 2001 film Aalavandhan is schizophrenic mass murderer who escaped from
Aalavandhan tatoo
jail after killing his stepmother and to kill his twin's wife.


Abhay and his twin brother Vijay were born to Lt. Col. Santosh Kumar and his wife, both the twins were closed to her mother before she commit suicide after discovered her husband's infidelity. their father remarried another woman who is abusive them and tried seduced Vijay before Abhay kills her in rage for protected his brother which shocks his father. Abhay was sent to mental hospital while Vijay was raised by their uncle who blamed his brother in law. years later Vijay become solider who planned to  married his girlfriend who pregnant at time before Abhay escaped to kill his sister in law. during manhunt Abhay met a arrgonet actress Sharmilee who attached to him before she was killed by him after Abhay hallcotiion her as stepmother at hotel, Vijay struggled protect his wife from his brother before he turn against him after Abahy kills their uncle. Abhay track the couple on safety as Vijay stooped him. in the end Abhay sees visions of his mother and step mom when Police came to stop him Abhay killed himself by fire.

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