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Abigail is a high-ranked official in the Rebel Army and the older sister of Beatriz, another Rebel Army officer. Her exact rank is unknown, but it is higher than Allen O' Neil's. She appears as a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack.

As a high-ranking officer of the Rebel Army, Abigail issues orders to most of its other members and reports directly to General Donald Morden. She has a crush on Regular Army member, Trevor Spacey, even naming her own personal Iron Nokana the "Spacey Nokana" after him.


Extra Ops

Sand Locker

Abigail was tasked with locating and recovering Allen Jr. She traveled to the desert where Allen Jr. had gone missing, and found the Ptolemaic Army's Sand Marine. She blasted a hole in its side to see if Allen Jr. was inside of it only to find a POW riding a motorcycle. The attack caused the Sand Marine to notice and attack her. However, Abigail manages to destroy it.

"Queens Battle"

Abigail battles a Jupiter Queen but has a hard time bringing it down. Beatriz then shows up to assist her older sister in defeating the mecha. With her younger sister's help, Abigail is able to destroy the Jupiter Queen and the two sisters emerge victorious. Trevor then speeds through on a POW motorbike, causing Abigail to blush.

"Double Face"

While at the engineering department to check up on the status of the Drache and Tiger Macha, Abigail is faced by a mysterious intruder that attacks the facility. After approving the deployment of the Drache Macha to combat the attacker, Abigail discovers that the intruder is a Martian clone of her. After the ensuing battle, Abigail is wounded and the Drache Macha is damaged.

"Last Resort"

Abigail asks Beatriz to test the Tiger Macha for her.

Revival of Intention

While Abigail and Beatriz are on their way to a Rebel Army base holding the Frozen Cab, Abigail recalls a memory of her mentor Ariadna and how she became worried when she was unable to see her while she was being experimented on by the Professor. When the sisters arrive at the base, they find out that it is under attack and soon discover that the one leading the attack is Abigail's old mentor Ariadna, who has defected to the Mars People for a mysterious reason. Confronted by Abigail and Beatriz, Ariadna tells Abigail that a commander shouldn't appear so early in a battle and challenges them to a battle. Ariadna fights the sisters and is impressed by Beatriz, noting that she is similar to Abigail in how she analyzes situations to find solutions. Abigail asks Ariadna why she is attacking them and what happened to her, but Ariadna simply tells her old student that she is her enemy now and suggests she get stronger. Abigail vows to defeat her as Ariadna leaves. After Ariadna retreats to go back to the Martians, Abigail asks Beatriz to help her research Ariadna and states her memories will not get in her way.

Blood Runaway

As Donald Morden watches Leona Heidern from afar and contemplates if she is even human given how she destroyed Shoe & Karn all on her own, Abigail informs him that Leona has Orochi blood and comments that she wouldn't expect her to be in the Regular Army. Abigail requests to deal with her, but Morden instead orders a retreat, believing Leona is impossible to defeat in her current state, and tells Abigail to collect the destroyed tank's feed and some samples of Orochi blood so it can be sent to Navy for testing.

United Front the 3rd

After the volunteer "Anti-Rebel Army" led by Reika pushes back Allen Jr. and Julia's Rebel forces, Abigail informs Morden of the events and of the "Anti-Rebel Army".

United Front the 6th

During a battle between the Rebel Army and Ptolemaic Army, as the Ptolemaics overwhelm the Rebels with their Golden Sand Marine, Abigail informs Morden that they have hacked the "United Front the 6th" code and Morden instructs her to use it. Abigail uses it, summoning dozens of volunteers to fight the Golden Sand Marine but they are all quickly wiped out. Morden then calls in the mercenary Edda and has her battle the Ptolemaic's machine. After Edda takes it out, Morden tells Abigail to prepare rewards for the volunteers, to which Abigail does.

Try Line 3rd

In a flashback several years into the past, when the Rebel Army is holding a high-level meeting, Abigail notes that the Professor is not present. Dion informs Abigail that the Professor has been to busy with his work to attend and asks if he should forcefully drag him here. Abigail tells him not to, but states he should have sent a representative if he couldn't attend himself.

Code of Conduct

Seeking to avenge a previous defeat she suffered during an attack from the Mars People at the hands of Clone Abby, Abigail attacked the Martian base and went to the Professor's laboratory to confront him. The Professor's minions attempt to assist him, but by the time they arrive they find Abigail has already cut him down.

Another Story

Space Invaders

When the Mars People attack, Abigail informs General Morden that the Space Army's ships have arrived near the sea. Upon hearing that Abigail has a plan, Morden entrusts Abigail to deal with them.

The Sand Kingdom and the Golden Hero

After the Assy Nero was destroyed by the Regular Army, Abul Abbas radioed the Rebel Army headquarters to request for backup from Abigail. However, Abigail was displeased to hear that Abul had allowed the Assy Nero to be damaged and ordered the rebel soldiers to instead recover the equipment. As Vita was retrieving the core engine, Abul begged for her to save him, but Vita instead focuses on the core engine and ignores Abul.

Guilty Child

Abigail requested to Morden to be allowed to oversee trade with the Amadeus Syndicate, and Morden reluctantly agreed to let her do so. However, as Abigail was heading to the Amadeus headquarters, she was annoyed to see Morden had sent Allen O' Neil along with her to ensure that she doesn't get too aggressive.

On the way to Amadeus' base, Abigail, Allen and her soldiers are ambushed by 10 Amadeus robots but manage to fight them off. The attack leads her to suspect that Amadeus has betrayed them, but Allen expresses doubts. The two soon arrive at the Amadeus headquarters, where their forces are attacked by several Mecha-Allen O'Neils made by Amadeus. Abigail fires on the real Allen intentionally, much to his irritation. Allen destroys most of the Mecha-Allens himself, but an AI takes control of the last one to taunt them. As they make their way in, Abigail fights several Mecha-Mordens made by Amadeus herself, considering them an insult to Morden's image. After Abigail destroys all but one of them, the same AI takes control of the last Mecha-Morden and self-destructs it in a final attempt to take out Abigail, but Allen saves Abigail by pushing her out of the way. Abigail then comments to Allen that she owes him one.

Eventually, the Rebel Army officers reach human members of the Syndicate and Abigail confronts them about their perceived betrayal, but the Amadeus soldiers are mystified about her accusations. The soldiers take her and Allen to see Amadeus. Abigail demands to know why Amadeus sent robots to attack her, but Amadeus remains confused, believing all the robots are under his control. Just then, the White Baby appears and reveals that it was the one who sent the robots after them. It then forcibly places Amadeus in the Mother Computer to fight Abigail but Abigail defeats it and frees Amadeus. After the battle is over, the White Baby leaves to find better "toys" and Amadeus then explains to Abigail what the White Baby is. Abigail vows to destroy, stating that the world is for Morden alone before returning to the Rebel Army's base and informing Morden of what happened.


In the secret ending, Abigail learns from Navy that Vita is unable to be deployed for battle. Navy then goes on to blame them for Vita being bedridden.

False Peace

Following a battle against Huracan's village, Abigail showed up to negotiate with Huracan and the village chieftain. Abigail offers for the Rebel Army to leave the village alone if they unconditionally surrender and if Huracan joins them, impressed with their fighting abilities. Huracan agrees and goes with Abigail. Abigail takes Huracan to the Allen Platoon, led by Allen O' Neil, and informs Huracan that they're the platoon that sees the most combat. She allows Destrade, a soldier of the platoon, to inspect Huracan. While Destrade initially sees Huracan as unfit to serve, after sparring with her Destrade welcomes her in.


As the Rebel Army are being attacked by the Mars People, Abigail shows up to escort the Rebel Army's scientific head, the Professor, to safety. However, the Professor is too fascinated by the Mars People's technology to go with Abigail and after Abigail gets distracted saving Donald Morden from the Martians, the Professor goes to seek an audience with Rootmars to see if he can join the Mars People's army.

Endless Summer Vacation

While Abigail was vacationing at a beach in the neutral zone with her sister, Beatriz notices that Abigail is somewhat off, to which Abigail tells her that something (Trevor) is close. After Nadia, Rumi, Madoka, Dragunov and Yoshino start trying to round up as many Mars People as possible so Rootmars would grant their wishes, Abigail shows up and offers to help Trevor free the Martians so Rootmars won't get mad, in exchange for granting her "wish". Though Trevor was distrustful of her due to her being in the Rebel Army, Abigail reminds him that they are on neutral land and states that she doesn't want to give Rootmars another reason to hate humanity. Trevor accepts Abigail's help and has her sign a pledge to help him. They first confront the Aikawa sisters and Abigail gets into an argument with Madoka over who loves their sister the most before deciding to settle it with a battle. Abigail defeats the sisters and frees the Martians that they captured. They then leave to go deal with the Ptolemaic girls, and Abigail requests that Trevor be the one to deal with them as she and Beatriz aren't good in close quarters combat.

Abigail, Trevor and Beatriz come to a brook where the Ptolemaic girls were sighted as passing through. Because Beatriz still couldn't swim, Abigail told her to stay behind but Beatriz refused, not trusting her to be alone with Trevor. Beatriz then goes in, but as she cannot swim she is swept away by the current. Trevor then dives in and saves her as a group of monkeys approach the three. Abigail tells the monkeys to stay with Beatriz while she and Trevor dive into the brook to pursue the Ptolemaics. As Trevor tries to use the branches to get across, one snaps and he falls on top of Abigail. Embarrassed, Trevor quickly leaves to chase after the two Ptolemaics. The two reach Yoshino and Dragunov, who caught the Martians they freed and battle them. ?The two seemingly defea Abigail and Trevort, but Trevor distracts Yoshino, allowing Abigail to fire a powerful laser that catches Yoshino off guard. She slips into the water and begins to sink, much to Trevor's confusion Abigail tells him that because Yoshino does not have enough body fat, she sinks into the water rather than floating. While Dragunov tries to resuscitate Yoshino, Abigail and Trevor freed the Martians they caught.

With the Mars People all freed, Abigail reminds Trevor of his promise and attempts to kiss him. However, Trevor notices the Mars People panicking and the two realize that Rootmars has awakened. Enraged at the treatment of his people, Rootmars attacks but Abigail and Trevor are able to "smack some common sense" into him by defeating him. The Mars People thank them and Trevor falls unconscious, allowing Abigail to perform a hickey on him, which Tarma later notices.

We are Mars People Rangers

Abigail and her sister Beatriz show up to check in with Rapid and get an update on the Iron Cab's development. Just then, the two are informed of an attack from the Mars People. After the Rebel Army's airstrike against the Mars People fails and their forces are pushed back by the Mars People Tank, Beatriz states she will go out alone but Abigail offers to go with her. The two head out to take on the Martian forces and are confronted by Clone Abby, a clone of Abigail created by the Professor. Abigail determines that the Professor must be behind the attack and tells Beatriz to go back, to which Beatriz reluctantly complies. Clone Abby attempts to intercept Beatriz but is stopped by Abigail and the two fight.

Abigail is beaten by Clone Abby and fails to return to the Rebel Army base. When Clone Abby shows up to assist the Mars Rangers but not Abigail, Beatriz becomes concerned for her and runs off to look for her.

Subjugation Tactics

Following her defeat by Clone Abby, Abigail goes to have a rematch with the Mars People, still bitter over having been beaten. While Abigail goes to avenge herself, Beatriz takes over her duties in the Rebel Army.

As Abigail is escorted by a pilot, she receives a transmission from her second-in-command Dion, who informs her that the jamming devices will be placed at D-36 and that they will last for three minutes, though he expresses that he is not fully certain if they will block the Martians' telepathy. Nevertheless, Abigail proceeds on with her mission and commands the troops present to take out the Mars sentries. Once the sentries are defeated, Abigail dismisses her men to proceed on by herself while Dion activates the jamming devices and their signal spreads throughout the Professor's base. The Mars People soon take notice of the jamming device and Mars People Neo goes to find and destroy it. He fights Dion and, despite the two being evenly matched, manages to destroy the device. However, Dion remains calm as Abigail had already entered the base and continues to fight Marty to keep him from assisting his brethren.

Abigail eventually reaches the Professor's laboratory and attacks the Professor. Abigail asking if he is surprised that she is still here and alive. The Professor states that he thought that Abigail was killed by Clone Abby and Abigail concedes that Clone Abby is better than her, but proclaims that he did not take into account her ability to quickly make decisions. The Professor then summons Clone Betty and has her take him away to execute plan "Z". Dion then contacts Abigail and tells her that Marty will reach the base in 10 minutes, Despite her wounds, Abigail boasts that she can finish her mission in 5. Concerned for her safety, Dion offers to start the attack, but Abigail refuses and orders him to not do anything uncalled for, instead telling him to start up the extraction helicopter.

As the Professor is examining a reserve clone that has not matured enough to do a brain transfer, Abigail shows up to face the Professor. Clone Betty attempts to defend the Professor, piloting an ice version of the Mars Mecha, but Abigail manages to defeat her and boasts that she knows better when it comes to knowing Beatriz. Before Marty, Percier and the Gemini Twins can arrive to provide backup, Abigail defeats and seemingly kills the Professor for good.

Abigail later returns to the Rebel base, where she is personally congratulated by Morden for defeating the Professor. Morden expresses that it is a shame the Professor's knowledge has gone to waste, but that he was a thorn in their side for too long and, now that the Mars People are not longer much of a threat, they will focus their attention on the Invaders. Abigail informs Morden that Beatriz is already gathering powerful artifacts from around the world and that she will take out any threats to their goals.


  • As in Ariadna's description, Abigail formerly had a crush on her. It's possible that Abigail is bisexual, making her first character in Metal Slug to be LGBT.


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