I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't feel ugly when I killed Nick Boyle. I felt good. That's why it was so easy to lie about it. Does that make me a sociopath?
~ Abigail Hobbs, questioning her sanity

Abigail Hobbs is a minor character in Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon, and a supporting antagonist in its TV series adaptation, Hannibal. She is the daughter and accomplice of serial killer Garret Jacob Hobbs.

In the TV series, she was portrayed by Kacey Rohl.


In Harris' novel, Abigail is the daughter of Garret Jacob Hobbs, a serial killer who preys on college girls. When FBI profiler Will Graham shows up at the Hobbs house to arrest the killer, Hobbs kills his wife and slits Abigail's throat before Graham shoots him dead. Abigail survives, however, and after recovering goes on to attend college and lead a happy, normal life.

TV Series

In the pilot episode of the TV series Hannibal, Will Graham and forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter show up at Hobbs' house to arrest him for a series of brutal murders, and Hobbs kills his wife Louise and slits Abigail's throat before Graham shoots and kills him. Graham and Lecter later visit Abigail in the hospital to reassure her that what happened to her was not her fault, and they both develop paternal feelings for her.

However, they both find out that Abigail was her father's reluctant accomplice; she lured his victims to her family's isolated cabin, where her father would kill them. It is implied that he harbored repressed, violent sexual feelings for her, and that he killed his victims - all attractive teenage girls - because they reminded him of her. It is also implied that Abigail went along with it to keep him from killing her.

Graham and Lecter cover up her crimes, and Lecter helps her kill Nicholas Boyle, the brother of one of her father's victims, when the latter attacks her.

Eventually, Abigail deduces that Lecter is a serial killer, and disappears after last being seen with him. Lecter plants her blood at a crime scene in order to frame Graham for the murders he committed. However, in the second season finale, it is revealed that she is alive, and that Lecter has held her prisoner in his home. She pushes psychiatrist Alana Bloom out of a window to protect Lecter, but he slits her throat and leaves her to die.

In the third season, she appears as one of Graham's hallucinations, and indirectly helps him track Lecter down.


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Abigail Hobbs
Abigail Hobbs
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