Abigail Riley was the main antagonist of the Southwest arc of Season 7 of Criminal Case.


Early life

Abigail was an artist in a friend group consisting of Justine Bankston, R. J. Fielding, Jesse Adams, herself, and two other unnamed people. She found a boyfriend, artist Axel Bross.

However, her friendships were short-lived. On one fateful day in Amarillo, Texas, the friend group decided to summon a demon. This demon promised prosperity in exchange of a human sacrifice. The friend group sacrificed Abigail to the demon, who strangled Abigail to death. The demon then led Fielding to oil, making him a successful oil tycoon, Bankston to gold, making her a gold magnate, and Jesse to copper, leading Jesse to found the company Copper is Us.


Abigail returned as a ghost. She possessed the two unnamed people and led them to cause murders. Both these people have died.

Then, in Saguaro, Arizona, Abigail possessed Jesse, causing him to stab Rainee Day, a crystal healer, in the chest, with a crystal. The High Priestess tarot card was pinned upside-down to her chest, a symbolism of backstabbing and secrets.

In Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, Abigail possessed Justine and led her to decapitate her own sister, causing Justine to be arrested by the FBI.

Amarillo, Texas

As the final act of revenge, Abigail contacted Axel with a magic mirror, asking Axel to kill Fielding. She then possessed Fielding, taking him to Devilman's bridge in Amarillo, Texas. From there, Axel ambushed him with chloroform, then hung him upside down on a tree (similar to the Hanged Man tarot card) until Fielding died of asphyxiation.

After Axel was revealed by the player to be the killer, Abigail appeared to the player's team, demanding that Axel be released. When the player refused, Abigail possessed Luke Fernandez, one of the player partners, and got away.

The player found Luke possessed, pointing a pistol to his head. The player's lore expert, Felix Reed, exorcised Abigail out of Luke's body using candles and sage. Abigail swore revenge before disappearing.

The player confronted Abigail one last time, showing her a ring Axel gifted to her while she was alive, convincing Abigail to move on. Knowing that all her traitors are already dead or incarcerated, Abigail decided to be at peace, and disappeared.

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