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My name is Abigail Walker, but my friends and enemies call me "Fetch". I've never hurt an innocent person in my life.
~ Abigail "Fetch" Walker.
So on the day of the crash, I escaped with all those skills. Everything I needed to set things right. Brent, I promise, every dealer I find, I'm gonna burn your name in their chest.
~ Abigail declaring revenge on the drug dealers for Brent's death.

Abigail Walker, more commonly known as Fetch, is the tritagonist of 2014 video game, Infamous: Second Son, and the main protagonist of the prequel, Infamous: First Light. She is the conduit, the sister of Brent, and the major ally to fellow conduits, Delsin Rowe and Eugene Sims. If Delsin chooses to corrupt her, she becomes an anti-villainess and also becomes his love-interest if evil karma is chosen.

She was voiced by Laura Bailey who also voiced Tier Harribel in Bleach, Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, Claudia Wolf in HD version of Silent Hill 3, Dahlia Gillespie in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Catwoman in Batman: The Telltale Series, Natalia in Regular Show two-part special: "The Real Thomas", Catherine from the eponymous video game, Spider Witch in Ghostbusters, Nadine Ross in the Uncharted series, and Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part II.


Early life

Abigail Walker grew up in New Jersey to unnamed parents, and was the sister to Brent Walker. Unbeknownst to her, she was one of the many Conduits who survived the RFI's activation, which brought in a new age of superpowered individuals. Everything changed, however, when her powers awakened sometime in her late teens when she accidentally hurt a girl, which caused her parents to attempt and turn her over to the authorities, knowing they were necessarily sending their daughter to jail.

To prevent this, Abigail's brother Brent Walker escaped from home with his little sister. While in Seattle, Brent gave Abigail a set of rules to follow, such as not using her powers on others so she could lay low. But as they moved from city to city, both grew desperate for some sort of comfort and solace; in the end, they encountered a mob of drug dealers, and became addicted to drugs. Brent was the first of the pair to get clean, and finding out that the D.U.P.'s authority didn't extend through the border, he made plans to trespass into Canada, urging his sister not to use her powers and thereby not draw any attention to them. One day Brent came back to Abigail missing some teeth, a consequence of the gangs he was running with, and this forced Abigail to get clean.

Infamous: First Light

On the night where the two were about to flee from Seattle into foreign waters, however, they were interrupted by the Akurans as Abigail was getting their money. When Abigail managed to get away, Brent had no chance and was captured. Abigail made contact with Brent's former employer Shane, who took advantage of her naivete to use her as a pawn into helping him win a gang war with the Akurans. While assisting Shane, Abigail managed to find Brent after rescuing civilians from the Akurans.

When Brent was found at last, Shane took him prisoner and forced Abigail to continue helping him, single-handedly taking control of Seattle's drug trade and even securing him the police's favor. Unfortunately, with the D.U.P. on to them, Abigail had become a dangerous responsibility and Shane tried to kill her in a homemade gas chamber, but to no avail. Seeing that she needed to save Brent, Fetch destroyed Shane's truck and defeated his men, reducing his gang's members. Angered, Shane informed Walker to meet him at the Crocodile, where he drugged her, causing her to accidently kill Brent. While grieving Brent, the D.U.P. apprehended Fetch and sentenced her to Curdun Bay.

During her two years at Curdun Bay, Walker was interrogated by Brooke Augustine, who asked her to reveal her past while also having her train to use her powers. It's later revealed that Augustine knew why Fetch was in her position, and that she wanted Abigail to reach the point that she was in Seattle to be get her revenge on Shane, whom the D.U.P. had arrested. After going through more training and telling her pest, Augustine revealed Shane to her, causing Fetch to use her powers against him. After battling several D.U.P. soldiers, Fetch killed Shane, avenging Brent before being apprehended once again. Afterward, Fetch was put into custody alongside Eugene Sims and Hank Daughtry, who revealed that he had a paper clip to escape from confinement.

Infamous: Second Son

Upon Hank causing the transport to crash, Fetch and Eugene escaped from the area to Seattle, where she decided to kill drug dealers to honor Brent. While eliminating drug dealers and criminals in Seattle, Fetch made a nest in one of the city's biggest neon signs to recharge. Due to her actions, the D.U.P. made false propaganda to make Walker appear to be a ruthless serial-killer, leaving behind graffiti monikers with her neon powers. During her mission to eliminate drug dealers, Delsin and Reggie Rowe were looking for Fetch, with the former wanting to get more information about Augustine. Delsin managed to catch Fetch after she attempted to kill him, allowing him to gain her neon power before fighting her.

After being defeated, Delsin decided to not have Abigail arrested, and instead help her gain self-restraint while dealing with drug dealers. Fetch agreed to help Delsin learn how to control neon by finding core relays, and came up with the idea to stop suppliers instead of drug dealers. Later on, Abigail was captured by the D.U.P. alongside Eugene due to the assistance of Hank, who made a deal with Augustine to reunite with his daughter. When the island collapsed, Abigail and Eugene escaped, and assisted Delsin in assaulting the D.U.P. headquarters, where Rowe defeated Augustine. Upon her defeat, Abigail's name was cleared, and she helped her fellow conduits start a new era where they could co-exist with humanity.

Powers and abilities

Abigail's Neon powers have showed themselves somewhere in her late teens. She was trained in possessing them when the D.U.P captured her. As a result, she possesses a great level of control over neon, which she can use in a variety of ways. She is able of shooting volatile beams of neon, as well as smaller consecutive blasts, allowing her to dispatch enemies from great distances. She also has the ability to spot her opponents' weak points, allowing her to quickly kill them. In addition, she can also throw a blast of neon wind to put enemies in stasis, allowing her to hit their weak spots easier.

Abigail can also send more neon rockets to strike many enemies at the same time. If an attacker ventures too close, she can also cause a concussive forcefield around herself to briefly daze them. As for close combat, she serves fast fists and kicks powered up by her neon energy. She learned her melee attacks thanks to the watching anime (Japanese animation) she watched, as revealed in First Light. Abigail is also capable of transforming herself into neon to move around at superhuman speeds, jump high distances, and run up vertical surfaces. Compared to Delsin, Abigail is capable to use Neon Thrusters to slow her descent. At last, she is able to produce a singularity which draws in enemies for a few seconds before producing an explosion.



  • Her voice actress, Laura Bailey, listed Fetch as the #2 character that has defined her career in voice acting.
  • Laura Bailey, would work with Troy Baker on other projects, such as Bioshock: Infinite, and the Uncharted and The Last of Us series.

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