Abigor with Wario.

Abigor is main antagonist of the Club Nintendo story "The Night of Horror". He is a demonic entity who desires to take over the apartment which the Nintendo character live in.


During the events of the comic, Abigor decides to make the apartment building various Nintendo characters live in the domicile of his demonic partners. To complete his plan, he gets in contact with Wario, the caretaker of the apartment, and gets him to signs a contract with that would make him hand over all the keys to the building. In return, Abigor would manipulate Princess Peach's mind and make her forget Mario and fall in love with Wario.

Once Wario hands over the keys to Abigor, the monsters invade the Nintendo characters' rooms. Mario, Link and Kirby, armed with monster hunting gear, succeed in fighting them back, although Mario later discovers that (as part of Abigor and Wario's deal) Toadstool has turned into a zombie, and he and his allies decide to look into the incident. Finally, they find Abigor in his own temple called Infernum. After the monsters are defeated once again, Abigor retreats, announcing he would return. Ironically, Abigor would not be featured in another issue of the comic series.


  • Abigor bears a surprising resemblance to Baphomet.