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Abigor, the Demon of Wind or the Air Demon.

You cannot catch the wind!
~ Abigor

Abigor, also called the Demon of Wind or Air Demon, is a malicious demon and the secondary antagonist in the live action film Ghost Rider. He is one of the demonic angels called The Hidden who serves as Blackheart's trusted lieutenant to find the Contract of San Venganza.

He was portrayed by Mathew Wilkinson.


Abigor is a powerful demon who is a member of the Hidden, a trio of fallen angels who hide themselves in the natural elements waiting for Judgment Day.

He and his fellow demons Gressil and Wallow were found by Blackheart, who wants them to join his rebellion against his father Mephistopheles, who will be defeated using the power of the Contract of San Venganza. When the Ghost Rider begins his hunt for Blackheart, Abigor is the second of the Hidden fighting him. Ghost Rider pursues him to the top of a skyscraper, where the two engage a fight. Ghost is unable to even touch Abigor because his body is made of wind, but eventually he inflares his chain and makes it rotate at high speed around the demon, burning the air of which he's composed of.

Powers and Abilities

Abigor possesses the ability to control and melt into air. He can alter his appearance into a demonic form, and can also command the wind at will.


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