The demon lord Abigor is a secondary antagonist in Stuart Slade's Salvation War series of web-novels. Unlike most depictions of demons, Abigor is not a supernatural being at all, but rather an extradimensional alien with powerful natural abilities such as superhuman strength, bio-electricity, and the ability to generate portals between dimensions. Abigor is sent by Satan to invade Earth after God declares that all humanity is condemned to hell and commands them to die. Abigor's army arrives in the Iraqi desert, and is immediately attacked by a multinational coalition consisting of the military forces of almost every nation on Earth. While the human forces do suffer some casualties, mostly unescorted helicopters attacked by flying "harpies" or infantry, whose standard caliber rifles prove insufficiently powerful to harm demons, the coalition forces decimate Abigor's armies using tanks and air support. The demons, who are essentially at a Bronze Age technology level, do not understand how humans could come to possess such powerful "magic". Abigor's troops are forced into retreat towards the portal, but are cut off and surrounded by American, British, and Iranian tanks. Those demons that try to fight are slaughtered by weapons known to the demons as "mage-bolts" (artillery and tank cannon fire), "fire arrows" (missiles), "iron chariots" (tanks), and "sky chariots" (aircraft). Many of those that survive are forced to surrender and are taken, prisoner.

Abigor, however, escapes back to the Hellmouth and reports his defeat back to Satan. Infuriated by his failure, Satan orders Abigor and his entire family to be sent into direct combat against the human forces. Seeing no other option, Abigor surrenders to an American armored division in order to save his family.

As human forces invade hell itself, Abigor defects, as it is clear that Satan now wants him dead. Abigor provides intelligence on the environment in hell and the capabilities of the different demonic races. He also takes to studying human military history. He is shocked to learn that, for all the devastating weapons the humans used against him, they were actually holding back- they had not deployed nuclear weapons. In spite of demonic attacks on Detroit and Sheffield, England using volcanic eruptions transferred through portals, the human assault is not slowed. If anything, the destruction of their cities and the liberation of hell's "torture pits" only gives humanity greater resolve to win the war.

After Satan himself is killed by human missiles transported through portals, Abigor enters Satan's chamber armed with a custom rifle made from an old British 30mm RARDEN cannon, accompanied by loyal demons and human special forces. The surviving demons surrender to Abigor, who is installed as the new leader of hell.

Abigor goes on to provide demonic troops for the second stage of the Salvation War, the human assault on Heaven.

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