Abil is a tall menacing demon from Devilman with the ability to control fire. He becomes a bodyguard in a partnership with the demon Zool when he was contracted by Zennon to kill Devilman.

However he acted not just as the brawn but the brains too.


Abil is a tall lean demon with red colored skin, pink hair, yellow eyes and large blue wings that spew flames. He has spikes on his ankles, arms and legs, he has pointed ears and a permanent sadistic smile.

Powers and Abilites

Abil could fly at amazing agile speeds, trailing flames as he did so. He also possesses a large amount of strength and the ability to emit flames at will.


Abil was a cunning demon. Not only was he highly powered but he was clever too, coming up with the plan to defeat Devilman by hold the girl Miki hostage.


Devilman TV

After hearing that the demon puppeteer Zool had been contracted by Zennon to defeat Devilman, Abil rushes over and come up with a plan with Zool, they would create a puppet of Miki Makimura and hold her hostage and Abil would then kill Devilman as he wouldn't be able to fight back in fear of Miki's life. However Zool needed a picture of Miki to create his sculpture so he flies over to Tokyo and steals a painting of Miki for Zool to take inspiration from. He encounters Devilman and the two have a brief fight before he escapes.

Abil fights Devilman in the sky in hand to hand combat, briefly having the upper hand Abil hits him with a constant barrage of attacks, however ever Zool takes to long and Abil is unable to keep up, Devilman starts to beat him and Abil is sent spiraling to the ground below into the clouds were he bursts into flames. Eventually Devilman learns of the plan and comes over to try and stop them, Abil notices his approach and tells Zool to get ready with the Miki Puppet, however through his clumsiness Zool manages to loose it.

Devilman TV Comic


Abil is sent by Zennon to try and kill Devilman. He again works with Zool to try and defeat him but is again killed.

Mazinger Angels

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Abil was among the large group of demons that sided with Dr. Hell alongside their leader Zannin, and he later assists in the capture of the Angels team. He is presumably later killed when The Navalon is destroyed.

Devilman Grimoire

Abil is sent alongside Bela as part of Muzan's army in the attack on the school, however he is quickly killed by a very enraged Miki Makimura.

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