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Abir: You think i'm a fool!? Do it or i will kill you, i make the annoucement myself! I want you to place the whole blame, on the Muslims... ...For everything. I want to hear the hatred in your voice.

Lucy: This is bullshit, Logan.

Logan: What?

Abir: I want you to blame the Muslim religion! Do it!

~ Abir forcing Logan blame the Muslim religion on radio after shooting "On air" glass.

Abir is the main antagonist of the 2009 horror film, Dead Air. He is the leader of the terrorists that were responsible of unleashing virus in some American cities, turning some people into infected.

He was portrayed by Iranian-American actor, Navid Negahban.


In Los Angeles, Abir and another terrorist carries his infected brother who first unleashed the plague, till he decides to shoot him to avoid this fate. While the pair infiltrates the building, Abir injects himself to try to slow down the infection. Later an unnamed terrorist decides to stay alone due to his being infected. Abir takes both Logan and Lucy in hostage and forced Logan to blame the Muslim religion and Abir congratulates Logan for this. Logan gave Abir what he needed. When an infected terrorist chases after Logan on the stairs, Abir shoots an infected in the head, however he survived shortly before dying. Abir allows Logan and Lucy to walk away, but Logan criticizes Abir for his evil actions (such as burning flag), and then an infected Maggie bites Abir repeatedly while Lucy and Logan escapes.

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