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Abiyoyo is the main antagonist of a story-song by Pete Seeger, adapted from a South African folktale.


Stories say that Abiyoyo is a menacing giant as tall as a house who preys on humans. Nobody believes the tales of this monster, but they tell it anyway.

One day, as the sun rises over a small village, Abiyoyo makes his appearance. People run for their lives, taking their children with them. The giant steps into a nearby farm, grabbing up a sheep and a cow to eat.

The main characters, a boy and his father, who have been exiled from their village for causing trouble, wake up to the sound of Abiyoyo's footsteps. The boy notices the giant and his father, who is a magician, decides to trick Abiyoyo into lying down and make him disappear.

The boy takes his father by the hand and they run into the fields, straight into Abiyoyo's path. People yell warnings to the boy and his father not to go near the giant. Abiyoyo prepares to devour our heroes until the boy whips out his ukulele and begins to sing. The ogre has never heard a song about himself, and as a foolish grin spreads across his face, Abiyoyo begins to sing and dance until he goes out of breath and tumbles to the ground. That's when the father pulls out his magic wand and touches Abiyoyo with it, making the evil giant disappear and saving the town.