Making young girls work is child abuse! It's a breach of international law!
~ Abnes

Abnes is the villainess spokesman of the Seven Sages. She has strong doubts on a system of nations ruled by girls that have become Goddesses. Before joining the group, Abnes would normally go around the world protecting little girls.

Although unclear why, the moment Abness appears she arrives through a kind of door, always slammed open.


Abnes appears to be a little girl, but in reality she is much older. For some reason her body does not grow, something that she minds severely.

Given that she is much older realistically speaking, she most likely possesses the mind of an older girl/woman.


Abnes is a seemingly little girl with very long sandy-blond colored hair resembling a "hime cut". Her skin is fair in tone and she has bright greenish-teal eyes. On the very top of her head, Abness wears a pink bow with magenta stripes on each piece and ruffled lining. In the very center is a skull with one eye different from the other.

Abnes' taste in clothing resembles "sweet lolita", consisting of a light pink dress with many ruffles along the neck, ends of sleeves, and multiple segments along the dress. At her neck, waist, and the end of the puff segments on her sleeves are magenta bows, with a skull on the lowest bow similar to the one on her head. On each wrist's ruffled segment is thin magenta strings and tiny magenta ribbons. She has pink shoes with large ribbons above the laces and short, frilly socks.


  • Abnes' career of protecting little/young probably stems from the fact she too looks like a young/little girl and may have dealt with similar issues/problems.
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