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~ Abobo to Urban Champ (determined).

Abobo is the titular main protagonist villain of the fangame Abobo's Big Adventure. He is a man who his son kidnapped by Little Mac and his goons.


Double Drabobo

Abobo is first appeared in this mission after Aboboy is kidnapped by his goons. Abobo stalks the goons to rescue his son and defeats all of them, later defeats Shooter Gavin.

Super Mabobo

After Gavin's death, he fell into a toilet. He enters the closet and went to sea. He defeats many enemies and Jaws and Big Daddy.

In this episode, he can mate with Annie and have three children, eat, hit or vomit on her.

Urban Chabobo

He fights Urban Champ in this episode and he won this fight. He can kill or leave him.


He enters a sewage and came to the dungeon. He fought with enemies and defeats them and eventually fought with the Old Man and killed him.

Later, he took Triforce from Zelda and ate it. Zelda shouts at him and Abobo kills her.

Eventually, he encounters a disgused Amazon. He thought he is Aboboy, later Amazon says he knows where Aboboy is and escaped with his jetpack.

Later, Abobo inflated two balloons and tied them to him and flew away.

Pro Wrabobo

Abobo chased Amazon with ihs balloons and defeats the enemies, later Amazon says his jetpack will never run out of fuel, however his jetpack ran out of fuel and fells into a ring.

Later, Abobo and Amazon fought and Abobo uses rage and summons four wrestlers. Later, they beat Amazon and Abobo destroyed the ring and Amazon impaled by spikes and died.

Mega Mabobo

Later, Abobo came to the Mega Man level and Abobo defeats the enemies. Later he encounters his imitation robot, Robobobo. He destroys Robobobo and learns Aboboy is in the Jungle.


Abobo came to the Jungle and fought with enemies. Later, he encounters Kirby with Krang (Krangby) and destroys it but Kirby survived and flew.

Later, he came to the Waterfall and encounters Gromaides, the boss of the Waterfall. When they fighting, Kirby appears and inhales Gromaides. Abobo defeats Kirby and Kirby puked all NES characters.

After, Kirby exploded and Doc Louis appeared. When Abobo attempts to kill Doc Louis, Doc Louis says where Aboboy is and they became team.


Later, they trained and Abobo and Little Mac began to a fight. They fought, later Little Mac becomes Big Mac and attempts to kill Abobo. But Abobo decapitates him with power glove, later he rescued his son, Aboboy.

After Aboboy's rescuing, they started a massacre and they killed everyone.

It is confirmed it is all a dream.

Powers and Abilities

Abobo has many skills, he is very strong and fast. He has rage modes in every level.

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