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Aboboy is the deuteragonist of Newgrounds freeware parody game Abobo's Big Adventure, and the titular main protagonist of the mini-sequel, Aboboy's Small Adventure. He is the biological son of Abobo and the kidnapped kid by Little Mac. He is also the half-sibling of the three Merbobos, if Abobo decides to mate with Annie.


Aboboy is a dark-brown skinned and hefty, bald and short kid. He wears blue shorts and pink slippers.


Just like his dad, Aboboy is a brutish, violent and hot-tempered kid who only knows to destroy and kill everything. And it seems that he is a dimwit, as he classify killing as "hugging".


Abobo's Big Adventure

In the street, Little Mac's goons, Scut Farkus, Kid Niki, Rikki Stix and Chin Salabim, approaches Aboboy, and Scut Farkus stars to attack Aboboy by kicking him, and later, takes him and runs away with the others. After they lost, Abobo immediately falls down and partially breaks the road, and caused a cat's death. Abobo looks at the road to find his son, but he doesn't see Aboboy in the road and starts to cry. Later, he gets angry and decides to kill everyone who kidnapped his son and rescue him.

Later, after Abobo destroys Mechabobo, it creates a green slip about Aboboy's whereabouts, Abobo was in the jungle and transporting to Little Mac.

After Abobo learns it, he comes the jungle and waterfall, kills Kirby and encounters Doc Louis. Doc Louis explains Aboboy's whereabouts and Little Mac's goal.

Eventually, Abobo confronts Little Mac and kills him. After Little Mac's death, a tied Aboboy comes from the top, Abobo tears the ropes and hugs Aboboy. Later, they celebrates their winning and waves their hand to the spectators. However, their nature is ultimately changed and they started to attack spectators. They killed spectators, such as Samus Aran, Mario, Scrooge McDuck. And they laughed ruthlessly.

Aboboy's Small Adventure

Abobo doesn't appear in this game, Aboboy serves as the playable character. He follows his dad's example in the local amusement park.

He hugs people and shakes them to death, when their skeletons remain, Aboboy can throw them as explosive. While he shaking people, he collects coins and the coins act as XP. When he gets enough XP, his level increases one, and gain one base point. He has five stats; power, health, cling, speed and focus. And every stat can be increased to twelve, maximum.


  • Power: Power specifies the people that hugged by Aboboy.
    • When his power is between 1-5, he can hug only children.
    • When his power is between 6-11, he can hug adults, squids, dinosaurs and aliens.
    • When his power is maximized to 12, he can hug vehicles.
  • Health: Health specifies Aboboy's durability. When his health is increased, he gains durability.
  • Cling: Cling specifies Aboboy's magnetism. Aboboy can magnetize the nearby coins and meats.
  • Speed: Speed specifies Aboboy's speed. Aboboy can walk fastly when their speed is increased.
  • Focus: Focus specifies Aboboy's accuracy. When their focus increased, Aboboy can throw his victims to further away.

Wave 1 - Abobo offers hearty hugs to all the good little children!

Abobo is only able to hug children on first wave. There are eight adult in the park and Abobo must kill them to get wave two.

Wave 2 - In case of hug emergency, dial 911.

Police officers come to the amusement park and tries to kill Aboboy, due to his evil actions. Abobo must kill the officers and destroy their vehicles, total of sixteen enemies.

Wave 3 - Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!

Pyrokinetic robots come to the amusement park and tries to kill Aboboy. There are sixteen robots and Aboboy must kill all of them.

Wave 4 - The Squids have arrived! More arms - more hugs?

The Squids and robots work together to kill Aboboy. There are totally sixteen enemies; adults, officers, squids and robots. Squids attack Aboboy with their arms and throwing ink sac balls.

Wave 5 - Jurassic Jubilation!

Dinosaurs come to the amusement park, blue-skinned Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus with piratical eyepatches and hat. Abobo must kill eleven enemies; adults and dinosaurs.

Wave 6 - Look out! The Supreme Alien Overlords want to probe you, Aboboy!

The Supreme Alien Overlords come to the amusement park with their UFO, and attack Aboboy via their bombs. There are also squids, dinosaurs and robots. Abobo destroys the Aliens' vehicle, but Aliens survive and attack Abobo with their guns. Abobo must kill nine enemies; three Aliens, two dinosaurs, two police cars, a robot, and a Squid.

After the defeat of sixth wave, the game ends and Aboboy appears while hugging the Earth.

Killed Victims

Abobo's Big Adventure

  • Numerous spectators
  • Scrooge McDuck

Aboboy's Small Adventure

Aboboy killed and destroyed 73 (at least, necessarily) enemies.

  • The Three Alien Overlords
  • Numerous dinosaurs
  • Numerous squids
  • Numerous robots
  • Numerous police officers
  • Numerous adults
  • Numerous children


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