The Abominable Snow Monster of the North: he's mean, he's nasty, and he hates everything to do with Christmas.
~ Sam the Snowman, describing the Abominable Snow Monster.

The Abominable Snow Monster of the North, or better known as the Abominable Snow Monster or also known as "Bumble" for short, is the main antagonist in the 1964 Rankin/Bass special Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a supporting character in its 2001 sequel Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys. He is a giant yeti who lives in the North Pole and has a very loud and ferocious roar. In the 2001 sequel, he is Yukon Cornelius' bumbling sidekick. Although he is never given a proper name, Yukon calls him Bumble.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Walter Gustafson in the 1964 special, and Garry Chalk in the 2001 sequel.


When Rudolph was growing up, his father, Donner told him that the snow monster hated Christmas, had giant razor-sharp teeth and eats anything. Months before Christmas Eve, Rudolph and Hermey the elf ran away and came in contact with the Abominable. He chased them towards a frozen lake, where they ran into Yukon Cornelius. The trio jumped on a floating piece of ice and the Abominable jumped in but could not swim and so they managed to escape.

Rudolph returned to find that his parents and Clarice have been searching for him and that they have been captured by the Bumble. Rudolph went to Bumble's cave and challenged him but was knocked out with a stalactite grabbed by the aggressive monster, who then laughed sadistically at Rudolph's misfortune. Hermey and Yukon found the cave and tried to rescue their friend. Hermey lured the Bumble out of the cave and Yukon pushed a boulder over the Bumble's head and knocked him out cold.

When the Bumble awoke, he noticed that all of his teeth were gone forever. Hermey then took them all out with his pliers. Yukon no longer saw him as a dangerous threat and started to fight the Bumble, who backs away cowardly due to him not having his teeth to menace the group with. Yukon and his dogs cornered him towards the ledge and they all fell off the cliff. Rudolph and Hermey believed that they were dead and returned to Santa's workshop very sadly. Yukon and the Bumble survived the fall and returned to help Santa with the toys. With no more teeth, the Bumble became good and followed Yukon everywhere he went.



  • Though the movie was tame in nature, and he was redeemed in the end, many fans still admit that he scared them as children, especially while he still had teeth.


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