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The Abomination is a super-sized zombie and an antagonist of the British reality show, I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse. He only appeared in one episode of the show.

He was portrayed by Stevie Douglas.


He used to work as a security guard at the Monroe Shopping Village, but due to his size he was disliked by locals which filled him with anger. This coupled with a 5G virus from his smartphone that made him a rampaging killer. Not only he kills human beings that stood in his way, but he can also kill zombies. He has the most kill count more than any other zombies who were infected by the 5G virus. Also, unlike the other zombies, he is extremely intelligent and self-aware.

When he arrived at the Monroe Shopping Village on the survivors sixth day of refuge, the army gives survivors instructions on how to get rid of him. The survivors discover that he is very sensitive to the change in temperature and the only way to permanently stop him was by freezing him. The survivors lure him to the freezer and lock him inside, ending his rampage for good, but not before he was able to kill two of the survivors (Jordan, who could not avoid his speed after fixing the freezer fan, and Jackie, who failed to find an escape hatch in the freezer after luring him into the freezer). It is presumed that he froze to death due to the freezing temperature as his vulnerability.