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Abominus is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise. The original version of the character is the combined form of the Terrorcons.

Generation One


Abominus first appeared in the late third season episode "Grimlock's New Brain". The Terrorcons were among the Decepticons that went to Unicron's severed head to obtain anti-electrons. They easily overpowered the Autobots until the Technobots came to the Autobots' aid. The Terrorcons combined into Abominus and briefly drove them away. However, the Technobots soon formed Computron and defeated Abominus by vibrating him, causing the giant robot to disengage.

In his next appearance, "Money Is Everything", Abominus ambushed the Technobots over Titan and pursued the trader ship Lazy Sue. He arrived at a base of the Quintessons, whom he allied with, but was forced to separate; the Quintessons had installed a timer mechanism that force him to do so after combining into Abominus. At the base, Abominus faced off Computron once again, but was defeated.

Abominus was one of the primitive-themed Transformers summoned by Primacron to defeat Tornedron in "Call of the Primitives". In "The Return of Optimus Prime", the Terrorcons attacked a laboratory for a new type of protective metal and the Technobots had come to stop them. Abominus was able to take Computron out while the latter was preoccupied with an algorithm. In "The Rebirth", Abominus took part in the Galvatron's assault on Cybertron, driving the Aerialbots away at one point.

He was voiced by the late Jim Gosa.


Abominus made his sole appearance in Issue #3 of the Headmasters miniseries. The Terrorcons were attacking a Nebulan city alongside Apeface and Snapdragon when Brainstorm, Hardhead and the Technobots arrived. The Terrorcons formed Abominus to continue their rampage, prompting the Technobots to form Computron and force them into a retreat.

The Terrorcons were later killed by Starscream during the Underbase Saga, at which point Abominus effectively ceased to exist.


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