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You stupid motherf***er!
~ Abraham's catchphrase.

Abraham, also known as Arachnid in E.V.E, is the overarching main antagonist of the YouTube/Storyfire series created by McJuggerNuggets/Jesse Ridgway known as My Virtual Escape.

He is the central antagonist of Season One, the anti-heroic deuteragonist of Seasons two, an anti-hero turned final antagonist in Season Three, and later serves as the main antagonist of Season Four.

He is portrayed by Larry Abraham.


Early life

Abraham was born approximately fifty years prior to the start of My Virtual Escape. His life was largely unknown throughout the show, the only details that Abraham has said was that he had abusive parents that didn’t care about him, and that he pretty much raised himself. During college, he would be roommates with a rich kid named Joseph Kalder, who helped him create the concept of E.V.E, A Virtual Reality game that is super realistic to the point where the brain is the controller.

Creating E.V.E

Shortly after, Abraham and Joseph soon began to hire staff to help them on their game. Joseph hired a security guard that was his childhood friend named Michael Archer, while he and Abraham interviewed a coder named Noah Crabtree, who failed the interview due to Joseph finding out that he believed that the earth was flat. Abraham saw potential in Noah however, and kept in contact with him behind Joseph’s back, even going as far as giving him a Beta test helmet for the game.

Several weeks later, unknown to Joseph, Abraham would have slept with Joseph’s girlfriend, Mary, who he unexpectedly impregnated. Joseph would have no clue of this however, and believed that the child was his.

Abraham saving Isaac from drowning when he was a child.

Several years later, Joseph and Abraham were still busy working on the game. Abraham was sitting outside of Joseph’s house working on E.V.E at his pool when Joseph announced that he was having another child, and that Mary needed to be rushed to the hospital to give birth. Abraham was stuck with babysitting the child he accidentally had with Mary, his name was Isaac. While watching Isaac, Abraham became distracted by his work and didn’t notice Isaac drowning in the pool in front of him, only noticing a little to late for Isaac to be knocked unconscious. Abraham immediately dived into the water to save Isaac, succeeding in saving him. This however, caused Isaac to develop a fear of water.

Losing Everything

Years later, the finishing touches were being done on the game. Joseph needed to make a call to the investors for the game and needed Abraham to look after his new child, Eve, who was now a toddler. Eve started annoying Abraham by asking what he was doing, which made Abraham indirectly cause the death of the little girl. What Abraham was working on was adding animals to the game, which he told Eve that she could be a bird. She took this literally and jumped out the nearest window when Abraham wasn’t looking, falling two stories down and dying.

Michael saves Abraham from committing suicide.

This lead to Abraham’s hatred for Joseph, as Joseph sued him for everything that he had, including ownership over the game and leaving Abraham depressed, poor, and enraged. He attempted to hang himself in the warehouse where E.V.E was being made, only to be saved by Michael, who rushed in and grabbed him the second before he took the step to heaven.

The Devil Inside

Abraham's first appearance in a McJuggerNuggets video was in a flashback episode of The Devil Inside, titled THE DEVIL’S LOST SOULS! Where he was shown either dead or unconscious for unknown reasons. He awakes shortly afterwards however, as The Creator puts his soul into a gem to use as a necklace.

Season One: Genesis

Meeting Isaac

Abraham is not seen again until My Virtual Escape’s third episode, titled sheriff and the outlaw. He was first shown in a jump-scare to the viewer when Isaac's friend, Leah, was trying out E.V.E for the first time.

Abraham practicing his nunchucks.

He appeared later on in the episode when Isaac decided to track him down in the game of E.V.E after hearing about him from Michael. At this point in time, he had no memory of Abraham, and had no clue who he was. Abraham at this time was practicing how to use his nunchucks when one of his associates named Malachi started charging at him in an attempt to kill him. Abraham dodged this attack however and shot Malachi in the head, making him need to respawn. Isaac called out to Abraham saying that he knew who Malachi was, which made Abraham point his gun at Isaac and threaten to shoot him, under the assumption that Joseph sent Isaac to kill him for what he did to Eve. After a short conversation, Abraham decided to allow Isaac to learn how to play the game, with Abraham being sort of like a mentor-like figure to him. Before they could do anything however, Joseph removed Isaac’s E.V.E helmet in real life because of a session with Mother Sarah, a nun from the Saint Mary’s church in East Bumblefuck.

Near the end of the episode, Isaac returns to Abraham and apologizes for his sudden disappearance. Abraham details Isaac about how the game works, and what happens when you complete the game. He explains that it is a Battle Royale, last man standing, in order to win the game, you need to kill all other players in ranked mode and reach the final level (named Haven) to kill the Overlord and get a wish that can come true in real life. After explaining this to Isaac, Abraham reveals that he needs help on a raid on a mobster den in E.V.E.

Abraham eavesdropping on Isaac, Malachi, and Solomon.

He appears in the next episode, scouting Solomons. where he and Isaac begin to raid the mobster den. Abraham begins to develop trust issues with Isaac after he starts acting stupid and running out in the open, potentially getting them caught, which Abraham threatens to shoot Isaac for double crossing him. Later when they get inside, Abraham decides to test Isaac's smarts by saying that he was Solomon, the head of the mob. He is annoyed when Isaac actually falls for this, and so he makes Isaac serve as a distraction as he makes his way upstairs to Solomon's XP stash. When Isaac is caught, he hides near Solomon's office to eavesdrop on Isaac as Solomon offers him some XP. After several minutes, Malachi, who respawned, is caught off-screen and is also brought into the office and gets into an argument with Isaac after their last encounter, where Isaac stole his XP and gave it to Michael. Malachi pulls a gun on Solomon, so Abraham uses the commotion to sneak into the office and get Isaac out. After killing the door guard and escaping, Abraham throws Isaac on the ground and shoots him, under the assumption that he is working with Solomon.

XP Robbery

Abraham talking with Michael for the first time in years.

Near the end of the next episode, fallen angel., it is revealed that Malachi had stolen all of Abraham's XP from his base and leveled up, believing it was Isaac wanting revenge for getting shot due to Malachi leaving his beanie there. He was then approached by Michael, who entered the hideout to question him about what he is doing to manipulate Isaac. Abraham says that he has done nothing, and that Isaac had stole from him, then kicking Michael out.

In episode seven, Christmas e.v.e, Isaac had his E.V.E helmet stolen by Mother Sarah and was gone for several weeks. When Isaac got a new helmet from Joseph as a Christmas present, Abraham immediately jumped him and beat him up for “stealing his XP.” After Isaac grabs a knife and threatens to chop off Abraham's legs, and reveals that Malachi was the thief, Abraham admits that Isaac is actually growing on him and that they should team up. When they arrive at Abraham's hideout, they discuss where Malachi stashed the XP, as well as gives Isaac a Christmas present, a golden gun that can kill anyone in one hit. If the bullet just so much as hits a single hair on the target, they drop dead.

Isaac and Abraham pointing their guns at Rebekah.

In the next episode (the season finale), gods plan. Abraham and Isaac decide to head to a tree that Isaac saw in a hallucination the night before. When they arrive, they run into Rebekah (Isaac's love interest, who she isn't too fond of). She insults them and says that she is also hunting down the XP, but she is interrupted as groaning is heard in the background. As Abraham and Isaac head towards the noise, they discover Malachi consuming XP. Abraham immediately shoots his kneecaps and orders Isaac to go shoot Malachi with the golden gun. When Abraham approaches the XP stash, Rebekah comes out of nowhere and runs off with what remains of the XP stash. As Abraham chases after her, Isaac couldn’t bring himself to kill Malachi, and instead leaves him to bleed out. He shoots the golden gun in the air to get rid of the bullet, and fool Abraham into thinking that he killed Malachi.

Season Two: Exodus

Murdering Mother Sarah

After believing she has gone down a dark path and betrayed god, Mother Sarah (Isaac's nun) speaks to The Overlord (secretly Joseph) through Isaac's stolen E.V.E helmet. The Overlord says that he wants her to kill Abraham (for reasons unknown, but it was actually for the death of Eve), and if she does that, she will have redemption.

Abraham about to kill Mother Sarah.

In the final scene of Season One, Mother Sarah arrives at Abraham's house to kill him. After giving up on chasing Rebekah, Abraham goes to have dinner. After finishing and going back to playing E.V.E, Mother Sarah goes inside the house and raises her knife to stab Abraham. Hearing her open the door, Abraham immediately takes off his helmet to see a knife in the hands of a nun pointed right at him. After being backed into a corner, Abraham grabs the knife after Sarah misses a knife swing. He then pins her down on the ground, she desperately tries to raise the knife into his chest, but he overpowers her and stabs her in the stomach, causing her to bleed out instantly and stain his carpet. Not knowing what to do, Abraham hides the body in his shed, and puts the knife in a rag and inside a draw in his living room.

In the Season Two premiere, missing., Abraham is shown in the opening scene watching a news broadcast of Mother Sarah's disappearance. After watching too much of the broadcast, he turns it off before he freaks out and prepares to do his normal morning routine. When he is emptying his trash bins, he looks in front of him and sees blood leaking out the door of the shed. He then goes back inside to clean up the stained blood, but it fails to come out. Giving up, he goes to Noah's to get help with removing any evidence. While at Noah’s, he discovers that Isaac had been there several weeks prior, and threatens Noah to not reveal their alliance.

Abraham grieving about killing Mother Sarah.

Later on, Abraham is confronted by Isaac, who says that he has been busy trying to recollect all of the stolen XP for the both of them. Abraham says that he is impressed, although he questions how Isaac got it since he isn't currently ranked. After Isaac says that he has been 'killing' people in-game, Abraham snaps and says to Isaac the consequences of killing someone, feeling guilty for killing Mother Sarah.

At the end of the episode, Abraham was shown trying to clean up the blood on the carpet, and on the verge of tears from being guilty.

Ranking Up

Abraham threatening Isaac.

Abraham didn’t appear again until the end of the next episode, two birds, many stones., where he is reflecting on what he has done by starring at the XP that Isaac had collected. When Isaac comes in, they have a conversation about entering ranked mode. Isaac reveals that he sold the golden gun for some XP, and Abraham questions Isaac after noticing that he had the same knife that Mother Sarah used to try and kill him with (She stole it from Isaac in the real world in the season one finale). Once again believing that Isaac was sent to kill him by Joseph, Abraham threatens Isaac at gunpoint after he enters ranked mode, only stopping when Isaac says that Abraham can be one level ahead of him at all times. After finishing the tray of XP and reaching level 5, Abraham shows Isaac how to log out by traveling through a mirror and taking off the E.V.E helmet.

War Against the Brotherhood

Abraham crushing Gingy's skull with a hammer.

At the end of the next episode, ranked up., Abraham is seen crushing the skull of the bodyguard that he killed back when he and Isaac were raiding Solomon's hideout. After Isaac had heard news from Solomon's second-in-command, John, saying that if he or Abraham were to kill any of the brotherhood members again, they would be wiped out. This causes Isaac to become fearful for his life when he starts getting phone calls in real life from the Brotherhood, and gets stalked when he is out buying food. Abraham doesn't care though, and says that John can try to kill him. When asked on where the body should be hidden, Isaac suggests hiding it in Abraham's shed, making him suspicious and rejecting the idea.

He was shown at the end of the next episode, the servant., equipping himself with many weapons such as pistols, knives and his nunchucks, readying himself for war against John and the Brotherhood.

Abraham and Isaac fighting the Brotherhood in the woods.

In the season two finale, brothers in arms., Isaac is searching for Abraham in his hideout, but he is missing, having gone hunting down the Brotherhood and ended up cornered in the woods. He manages to fight them off however, and smacks several brotherhood members with his nunchucks. When the brotherhood decide to give Gingy a chance, Abraham just shakes his head in annoyance and knocks him out in one punch before crushing his head in again, to the horror of the brotherhood. After killing Gingy for a third time, he shoots two brotherhood members, including Malachi (who had survived getting his legs shot, and was undercover in the Brotherhood ranking up) before running off through the woods.

After running for some time, and shooting several brotherhood members, the chase is interrupted as Isaac finds Abraham and assists him by shooting two members of the brotherhood with his shotgun. The two then go out into a clearing in the woods and begin shooting down the Brotherhood. Isaac fails to get any kills, and is forced to flee after he runs out of ammunition, so Abraham decides to serve as a distraction as Isaac runs away from the fight, by taking out the rest of the brotherhood with his nunchucks and knife.

Michael killing Elijah just in time to save Abraham.

Unknown to Abraham, Joseph had sent out a mercenary named Elijah to kill him in E.V.E. As the Brotherhood runs off, Abraham is shot in the back by Elijah with a sniper rifle. Going in for the kill, Elijah walks up to Abraham and shoots him in the leg. Abraham manages to grab his pistol and shoots Elijah in the chest, making him fall over, but also running out of ammunition. As Elijah is about to shoot Abraham in the head, Michael comes out of nowhere and kills Elijah with the golden gun. Confused, Abraham just watches as Michael walks off into the distance with snow falling all around them.

Season Three: Crucifixion


Abraham and Isaac were shown celebrating the death of the majority of the brotherhood (he believed they were wiped out). While Abraham was happy, Isaac was uneasy with being allied with Abraham, and had an unsure expression on his face.

Abraham next appeared in Isaac's nightmare from the opening of the Season Three premiere, dreaming., where he saves Isaac from being killed by John, killing him in the process. He then shoots Isaac and warns him about the golden gun, appears with a resurrected John, who he kills again. He then reminds Isaac about how he nearly drowned when he was younger before Isaac woke up.

Abraham rejecting Isaac's request to have Rebekah on the team.

He appears later in the episode practicing his aim with a machine gun. He is interrupted when Isaac arrives and asks for Rebekah to be allowed to join their alliance. Abraham disagrees as she was the one that stole his XP, and that he didn’t trust her. After nearly being shot in the head with a crossbow by Rebekah trying to intimidate him, Isaac decides to talk to him inside the hideout. Inside, Abraham threatens Isaac that if he sees her with him again, he would kill them both. Abraham then goes to log off inside the bathroom, but decides to log back in just as Isaac decides to take a piss, scaring him and getting urinated on. The reason why he returned back so soon was that he wanted to thank Isaac for saving him back during the battle and having his back, and as a sign of gratitude, he gives him a bag of XP (which was secretly Ice). He then logs off again.

Haunted by Mother Sarah's Ghost

Mother Sarah's ghost haunting Abraham.

In the next episode, apparition., Abraham is seen logging out of E.V.E and is going to go into his kitchen when an apparition of Mother Sarah appears behind him asking if he feels guilty for what he has done, then shouting “Repent!” Over and over again, swinging the knife at Abraham, which he blocks before she disappears again. Shocked, Abraham grabs his car keys and heads to Noah's house.

When he arrives, they start talking about how Abraham is having nightmares because of E.V.E, and Noah suggests that he has PTSD. They start talking about the GTA Effect, and how people start blending realities between video games and the real world. They comes to the conclusion that the world isn't real, that it is a video game, and that people in the world are bots. Wanting to prove this theory, Noah comes up with the idea of creating a glorified EMP that he can use to detonate inside of E.V.E to wipe out all the players and win. Abraham also asks for another golden gun, but the request is denied, but is instead given a special bullet for his gun that is like the golden gun, but is three shots, three kills instead of one shot, one kill.

As he is leaving, Isaac, who was eavesdropping, calls out to him saying hi. Abraham just turns around and stars at him before putting on his jacket hood and walking to his car. This was the first time that Abraham and Isaac had seen each other in years, and the first time ever since he saved Isaac from drowning.

When he gets home, Abraham is about to put on his E.V.E helmet when he is reminded of the stained blood on his carpet. To reassure himself, he goes into his shed and sees that Mother Sarah's corpse is still there, and that it is not a zombie that is going to kill him.

Back to playing E.V.E, Abraham and Isaac begin to head to Solomon's hideout to gather all the XP they have before anyone gets to it. While walking towards the hideout, Michael calls out to Abraham to talk to him. Michael tells him that The Overlord wants him dead, and that he sent both Elijah and Mother Sarah to kill him. He also says that he should at least get a thank you for saving him from Elijah. Before walking away, he tells him that the world is crumbling down, and that he now owns the golden gun.

Isaac's Lies

Abraham strangled by Joseph as The Servant.

Approaching the hideout holding Elijah's sniper rifle. Isaac points out that Gingy is guarding the front, but Abraham just walks past him and aims the rifle at Solomon, who is smoking on the balcony. Before he can fire, Gingy is stabbed by Joseph and starts charging at Isaac and Abraham, pushing the former on the ground and pinning the latter against a tree, choking him. Isaac manages to get him to let go and save Abraham, but is confronted by the attacker. Rebekah comes out of the dark and starts attacking Joseph, making him run away. Causing a large amount of noise, John manages to sneak up behind them and capture them.

Inside the hideout, John threatens to kill the two before Solomon walks in and tells everyone to lower their weapons. Isaac welcomes Solomon back to the game, as well as reveals that John lead the brotherhood into battle to die. Before anything happens, Abraham says that he has Rebekah outside with a crossbow and a sword, accepting her into the team. Causing commotion and freaking out, John and Jesus (one of the last remaining brotherhood members) start shouting. Abraham stands up and pins John up against the wall while Solomon hammers the table wanting “order in the court.” As John prepares to run away, Abraham pushes him and runs to the nearest mirror and locks the door, logging off.

Abraham in his hot tub.

In the next episode, double cross., Rebekah comes to report to Abraham, who is back in E.V.E. Abraham pulls a gun on her, but she raises her sword and convinces him to team up, as she has saved him twice now. After noticing that Isaac has disappeared, they decide to split the score from their future heist on Solomon's lair 50/50. After a short conversation, Rebekah leaves. When questioned by Abraham whether she likes Isaac, she says no.

Later that night, Abraham is approached by Isaac in his hot tub, who he calls a liar because the brotherhood is still alive. When in the hot tub, Isaac asks if he missed anything, which Abraham says no. Isaac then says that he saw Abraham at Noah's house, which makes Abraham point a gun at his head, saying that he doesn't want to talk about real life. Abraham only puts his gun down when Isaac says that his stepmother died earlier, but instead of feeling empathy, he tells his life story of how his parents were abusive. Isaac is then called by Rebekah, who was captured by Malachi, at the same time, Isaac is called by Leah. Rebekah texts Isaac tell him that John is dead, which makes both him and Abraham happy. Isaac goes to log off and talk to Leah on the phone, and notices that Rebekah is calling Isaac and not him.

Getting out of the hot tub, Abraham goes inside and answers the phone, hearing Malachi's voice, but mistaking him for Jesus. As Isaac walks in and claims that it was a wrong number, Abraham pulls a gun on him yet again, but Isaac says that he is going to answer the call outside. Abraham follows him outside and tries to listen, but can't really hear anything. Isaac says that he is going to save Rebekah, so Abraham stays behind at the hideout.

Raiding Solomon's

Isaac threatening Abraham not to kill Solomon.

At the end of the next episode, little gang banger., Abraham, Rebekah and Isaac are preparing to move out on Solomon's hideout, but Isaac is uneasy. He tries to convince them that they shouldn't go, having found out Solomon's true identity, a 10 year old girl. Angered that Isaac is trying to talk them out of it, Abraham starts screaming in his face, getting punched in the head by Isaac, who asks Rebekah to go outside, which makes Abraham suspicious. After they take a while, he goes outside to see what is happening to see Rebekah hugging Isaac, who is crying as he remembers when Eve was killed. Abraham immediately walks back inside. When they come back inside, they tell Abraham that they are still raiding Solomon's, but they are not killing her. Abraham calls Isaac a pussy and gets into an argument, which leads Isaac to pinning Abraham up against a wall and pointing a gun at his forehead. After Isaac calms down, he says that they can do the raid tomorrow, as he needs to wake up early the next morning for his stepmother's funeral.

In the season three finale, the heist., Abraham, Isaac and Rebekah prepare to head to Solomon's hideout. They take the last of the XP they own in case they need to heal, and Abraham hides a knife in his pants to use on Solomon. When they arrive, Abraham says that Isaac is leading, but decides to split up, and threatens Isaac, saying that he would probably die during the raid. After getting into an argument with Isaac, he and Rebekah run when Adam, the tutorial guide for E.V.E who had joined the brotherhood shot Isaac.

Abraham about to kill Solomon.

When walking up to the door to try and sneak in, Abraham is jumped by Jesus, who disarms him of all his weapons, excluding his hidden knife. He then brings Abraham right to Solomon, who sits him down in his office to talk. Abraham asks if Solomon has an alliance with Isaac, which Solomon confirms that he isn't, but that Isaac is like a brother to him. Abraham begins to manipulate Solomon into believing that Isaac and Rebekah have come to kill him, however Solomon only believes that Rebekah wants to kill her. When Abraham tells Solomon to leave the game, she grabs a snow globe on the table and smashes it with a hammer. This distracts her long enough for Abraham to grab his knife and hold it up to her throat.

As a few minutes pass threatening Solomon to leave the game, Jesus comes in to check up, and begs Abraham to leave Solomon alone. Abraham threatens Jesus however, and tells him that if he moves any closer, he will kill Solomon. At that moment, Rebekah walks in and gets shot in the head by Solomon using the golden gun, which was given to her by Michael. Abraham uses this chance to slot Solomon's throat, killing her also.

Abraham watching in horror as Isaac kills Jesus.

Shocked and broken, Jesus begins to run away, but is tackled by Isaac, who starts smacking him to death with a fireplace poker, picturing him as Abraham. As Abraham watches in horror as Jesus is slowly killed by Isaac, he is frightened when Isaac looks up in a menacing manner, believing that he was next. He was relived however when Isaac raised a handheld mirror and exited the game, leaving him alone to collect all the XP in the hideout. Little did Abraham know was that Isaac tried to kill himself for failing to save Solomon by overdosing on painkillers, only being saved by being rushed to the emergency room by his Great-Aunt Martha.

Season Four: Revelations

Detonating the EMP

In the second episode of Season 4, Noah's ark., Abraham is seen talking to Noah, with the glorified EMP that they were talking about finally completed. After a short conversation about how to detonate it, and where to use it, Isaac arrives at Noah's garage and bangs on the door, scaring both Abraham and Noah. Noah suggests Abraham hides in between a washing machine and a clothes dryer with the EMP in case it is someone from E.V.E. When Isaac walks in, he knew that someone was there, and started questioning him, believing it was Michael, who he tipped off because Noah was making hacks for the game.

Abraham and Isaac about to fight in Noah's garage.

After Isaac reveals that he told Michael, Abraham gets angry and jumps Isaac by grabbing him by the arms, Isaac grabs Noah's cane and whacks both of them in the head. After a short skirmish, Isaac tried to make Abraham feel guilty by saying that he killed Solomon, but Abraham replies that she killed Rebekah. Isaac and Abraham then tell each other that they are not so intimidating in real life, and prepare to fight each other when Noah breaks them up and says that they need to work together to detonate the EMP. They come to an agreement, and Abraham takes the EMP home to insert into E.V.E.

Unknown to Abraham, Isaac had tattled on him to Michael and Adam about the EMP, who immediately decided to rush and try and stop it. Michael went after Noah and arrested him for homicide, while Adam went after Abraham. When confronted, Abraham reveals that he ranked up to the highest level in E.V.E using all the XP from Solomon's hideout. Adam threatens to put a bullet in Abraham's head, but decides not do, do to saying that Abraham is not worth it. Before he leaves, he says that Abraham isn't who he used to be, then left, but not before Abraham called him a little bitch and the Overlord's puppet.

Isaac later walks into the hideout, and Abraham explains to him how to detonate the bomb, as well as looks at Isaac's mirror so that he can escape the game before the EMP detonates and double cross his team mate, while Isaac steals the golden gun, which Abraham reclaimed after the raid at Solomon's.

Abraham giving the EMP to Adam and detonating it.

While they were planning, Joseph had set up a battle to the death between Adam and Gingy, and when Gingy was killed by Adam, Joseph shot Adam and pinned Michael, who had reentered the game, against a tree and impaled with a sword. The noise alerted Isaac and Abraham, who ran outside. Abraham then decided to enact his endgame by stealing Isaac's mirror and handing Adam the EMP before detonating it and logging off, causing Michael and Isaac to have seizures, giving Joseph minor brain damage, and transporting Adam into the real world.

When logging back in to kill the rest of the players in E.V.E, Abraham was unaware that Michael, who quickly recovered, had already made his way into Abraham's house and held him at gunpoint. Abraham was only saved when Adam inadvertently distracted Michael by opening the door and running away. When Michael went inside, he found Abraham already outside of E.V.E. Abraham threatened to get Michael arrested for unknown reasons that he did in the past, so he decided to leave. While going back to his car, Adam calls out to Michael and alerts him that he found Mother Sarah's dead body. The two then decided to part ways, with Michael informing Joseph to tell the police about Mother Sarah's whereabouts.


Unknown to Abraham, Isaac had formed an alliance with Malachi, who was alive without Abraham's knowledge. The two of them were planning on barging into his hideout and killing him. While they are practicing for their final duel, Abraham is preparing himself for haven, and looks on the ground at the blood stain, still feeling guilty for the death of Mother Sarah, but as well as fueling his hatred for Joseph, who he knew was the Overlord.

Isaac suddenly walks in with the golden gun pointed right at Abraham. As they point guns at each other, Isaac stares at the blood stain, now knowing that it was the blood of Mother Sarah. Isaac then begins reminding Abraham of what he has done, including the death of Rebekah and Solomon, the detonation of the EMP, and the murder of Mother Sarah. When he reveals that Joseph told him about Mother Sarah's death, Abraham begins to choke Isaac, saying that Isaac has been playing him the whole time and that Joseph sent Isaac to kill him. He then reveals that he created E.V.E and that Joseph isn't who he says he is. He also says that his wish is to get recognition for the creation of E.V.E, and decides to recreate their alliance so that the both of them can get to Haven. Isaac agrees, but tells Abraham to meet him outside, so that Malachi can kill him.

Abraham threatening to kill both Malachi and Isaac.

While Isaac and Abraham are walking outside, Malachi is attacked by the last alive E.V.E player, Aaron Andrews, who is trying to kill Malachi, but is killed when Isaac sneaks up behind him and snaps his neck. Abraham then runs in and tackles Malachi, proceeding to aim one gun at Malachi and another at Isaac, calling him a liar like his father for not killing Malachi back when he stole the XP. As Abraham crushes Malachi's skull with his foot, Isaac can't bring himself to kill either of them. Malachi isn't dead however, as he had previous sustained major brain damage that made him invulnerable to dying because of E.V.E.

The world suddenly becomes dark as Abraham and Isaac are the last two players alive, and are transported to Haven. When they arrive, Abraham grabs Isaac and puts him in a choke hold with a gun pointed at his head, holding him ransom for Joseph to give him his wish. Isaac breaks free and deflects a bullet from Abraham using Rebekah's sword that he took when returning to Solomon's. After entering the dueling area, Joseph makes both Isaac and Abraham watch memories of how E.V.E was created, from Joseph and Abraham conceptualizing the game in their dorm in college to when Abraham killed Eve. At the end, Joseph calls them to draw their weapons and fire. When Abraham turns around and fires, Isaac reveals that he stole back his mirror and vanishes out of the game. Abraham starts shouting, angry that Isaac tried escaping and claimed that he won. Isaac suddenly appeared behind him, and was shot in the head by Abraham, killing him. Enraged, Joseph comes out of the shadows and growls at Abraham saying that he killed his son. When in reality, Isaac logged out to switch helmets with his Great-Aunt Martha, who was suicidal.

Happy in his victory, Abraham decides not to wish for recognition, but instead wishes to reset the game so that he can kill everyone all over again. Furious at Abraham, Joseph charges at him and swings his sword at him, Abraham ducks however, and grabs Rebekah's sword, engaging in a short sword fight, Abraham is knocked onto the ground and impaled in the chest by Joseph's sword. As Joseph reminds Abraham on how much he has screwed him over, Isaac appears behind his father with the golden gun pointed at him saying to move away from him. Abraham uses the opportunity to stab Joseph, crippling him and saying that there was never a wish, he just wanted to kill Joseph. Angered and in denial, Isaac shoots Abraham in the head with the golden gun, killing him in E.V.E, and winning the game. Abraham wasn't dead however, as in his house, he stands up and takes off his helmet, trying to log back in, but failing as he was killed in-game. Angered, he grabs his gun and car keys and goes to Isaac's house to kill Joseph.


Abraham walking Joseph to his death.

Joseph is suddenly taken out of E.V.E as Abraham rips off his helmet and walks him out to his pool outside, while Isaac starts breaking down and crying for going so far and losing out on resurrecting his sister. As Joseph attempts to talk Abraham out of killing him, he makes the mistake of saying that he is blending realities between E.V.E and the real world. Abraham states that everything is identical, and that the game isn't warping his mind, rather what he is doing is personal. He then shoots Joseph and kills him, leaving his arch-nemesis floating in a sea of blood in his pool.

Hearing the gunshots, Isaac immediately runs outside and sees Abraham driving away in his car. As Isaac reaches his dead father's body, he starts breaking down in anger. He runs back into his bedroom and grabs his knife and the golden gun, as well as calls Michael before heading to Abraham's house.

When Abraham arrives home, he finds out that there is a police officer investigating Mother Sarah's body, so he sneaks up behind him and knocks him out, before proceeding to lock him in the shed. He also puts the EMP in the back of the Police Van.

When cleaning the blood off of his hands, Isaac comes out of nowhere and shoots him in the ear. Abraham tells Isaac to kill him because he has been waiting for it ever since Eve fell out the window, so Isaac decides to instead engage him in a fatal fist fight. He puts the gun on the ground and charges at him. Abraham puts a hand towel around Isaac's neck, which causes them to lose balance and fall down into Abraham's den. The two then exchange hits, with Abraham smashing Isaac's head against his fireplace, and Isaac slitting Abraham across the chest with his knife. In pain, Abraham whacks Isaac across the face with his gun and prepares to shoot him when he is whacked with a cushion, making him miss his shot. He then knocks Isaac on the floor and dislocates his neck. Disappointed in Isaac's poor attempt to fight him, Abraham goes to grab his gun, but is instead stabbed in the back of the leg and crippled by Isaac, who proceeds to stab him in the shoulder with his knife.

Isaac killing Abraham with a fire poker.

Michael suddenly walks in and breaks up the fight momentarily, but then three cops come knocking on the door, knowing of the murders. Wanting to protect Isaac, Michael turns on his fellow cops and kills them all, however he dies in the process. Abraham uses this opportunity to stab and shoot Isaac, telling him that he will never win. After aiming his gun at Isaac's head, Abraham takes a long while thinking of whether he should kill Isaac or let him live. His compassion gets the better of him and he spares Isaac, which lets Isaac sneak up behind him and pierce his heart with a fireplace poker, killing Abraham. Isaac is later hospitalized due to his injuries.

The True Overlord

In the series finale, break free., Abraham is shown in a brief flash as he is shown closing the window that Eve fell out of, stopping the cause of events of the entire show to occur.

This is because everything up to this point was just a simulation in what was the real E.V.E game that Abraham and Joseph created, with Abraham being the true overlord. Malachi and Isaac were both given helmets and sent to Hawaii to beta test the helmet for them, which is why the entire series took place, where Abraham had the window open instead of closed.

Abraham, Joseph and Michael celebrate a successful beta test.

Celebrating a successful beta test, Joseph invited everyone over to his house for a dinner, including Abraham, Malachi, Leah, Michael, Martha, and Adam. It is also revealed that Isaac has had a certain dislike to Abraham in the real world, but also that Eve is still alive.

In a post-credits scene, Abraham and Noah are seen looking to the sky, wondering if real life was a simulation. Noah tells him that if he is happy, then it doesn't matter. The screen then fades black as the credits finish.



  • Mother
  • Father
  • Isaac Kalder - Son, Attempted Victim and Killer


  • Noah Crabtree
  • Rebekah † - Teammate
  • Mary Kalder - One Night Stand


  • Joseph Kalder † - Archenemy and Victim
  • Michael Archer † - Former Situational Ally and Savior turned Enemy
  • Martha Ester † - Accidental Victim
  • Sarah Cunningham † - Attempted Killer and Victim
  • Leah Matthews
  • Elijah † - Attempted Killer
  • Malachi Samson - Victim
  • Adam - Attempted Victim
  • Eve Kalder † - Accidental Victim
  • The Brotherhood - Attempted Killers
    • Solomon / Samantha † - Victim
    • Gingy † - Victim
    • John † - Attempted Killer
    • Jesus †
    • Judas †
    • Miguel †
    • Tiny †
    • Five Unnamed Members † - Victims


  • He appears in twenty episodes of My Virtual Escape, only missing in four episodes.
    • The episodes he doesn’t appear in are Paralyzed., A Brave New World., Sacrilegious., and Broken.
    • He appears in exactly five episodes of each season (missing in three episodes for Season 1, appears in every episode in Seasons 2 and 3, and missing for one episode in Season 4).
  • Noah is his only true friend.
  • He shares his name with the surname of the actor that portrays him, Lorenz Abraham.
  • He has trouble with finding love, as evidenced with one of the choices for his wish in a tangled web.
  • Joseph is his arch-nemesis, and My Virtual Escape only happens due to the fallout of their friendship and the creation of E.V.E.
  • He is named after Abraham from the bible, and certain aspects of his character is based on him.
    • Both have attempted to sacrifice their versions of Isaac to a godly figure.
    • Both have children named Isaac, although Isaac in My Virtual Escape wasn’t raised by him.
  • He placed second in E.V.E, losing first place to Isaac.
  • He is Jesse Ridgway's favorite character in My Virtual Escape.
  • Despite wishing for Recognition for creating E.V.E, he decides to instead reset the game to the very beginning, resurrecting everyone who died in the process.
    • This was done in a vote that happens at the end of every episode (with the exception of the final two episodes), and the choice to reset the game was the winner because the audience wanted Isaac to still be alive. The choice did not matter however, as Isaac was still alive, so Abraham's wish was null.
  • He is one of three characters to be killed in Ranked Mode in E.V.E but still be alive.
    • The other two characters are Isaac and Malachi.
  • He has killed eleven characters in the series.
    • The people he has killed are Mother Sarah, Gingy (3 times, respawned), Isaac (respawned), Solomon/Samantha, Martha, Malachi (twice, respawned), Joseph, Eve (indirectly), and 4 members of the Brotherhood.
    • He also made Michael and Isaac have seizures, and given Joseph minor brain damage.