I realized a human could never defeat a monster, but I wouldn’t let our family legacy down and so I began to search for an answer and then I saw it in an ancient text.
~ Abraham realizing that he will never defeat Dracula.

Professor Abraham Van Helsing, simply known as Abraham Van Helsing, is the main antagonist of Sony Pictures Animation's 21st feature film Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. He is a notorious monster hunter, Dracula's archenemy, and Ericka Van Helsing's great-grandfather.

He is voiced by Jim Gaffigan.


Sometime in the 19th century, Abraham Van Helsing was born into a family famous for hunting monsters. Abraham's family believed that monsters were disgusting and dangerous. His family had already been well known throughout Transylvania for centuries by the time Abraham rose to the rank of monster hunter.

During the late 19th century, Abraham came across the famous vampire, Count Dracula. Abraham vowed to destroy Dracula and all of the other monsters. Despite his persistence and ambition, Abraham was never able to succeed in defeating Dracula. Eventually Abraham gave up trying to kill Dracula, accepting that no human could defeat Dracula, but his hatred towards him and other monsters never went away. Parts of his body started to die, forcing him replace them with mechanical body parts to prolong his life.

He would later have a family, though something down the line because Abraham was forced to raise his great granddaughter Ericka who stated she never knew her parents and he had raised her .

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Throughout the film, Abraham orders Ericka to kill Dracula. At the end, however, when Ericka refused to do so, he decides to do it himself. By controlling the Kraken, Abraham was almost succeeded in doing this, however Jonathan was able to defeat the Kraken using musics. After was saved by Dracula, Abraham admits that not all monsters are bad and redeems himself.


Unlike his original incarnation from the Bram Stoker novel, this Van Helsing is xenophobic, ruthless, ill-tempered, deluded, and utterly relentless in his ultimate goal; to destroy all monsters, who he hates with a burning passion. He goes to extreme lengths to accomplish this goal, even disfiguring his own body and prolonging his life to see an end to all monsters.

At first, he acted crazed and delusional, believing what he was doing was right and even being willing to sacrifice his great-granddaughter to do so. At one point, he casually remarked that his family legacy will die with him though he did briefly show concern when his great granddaughter presumably fell to her death.

However, unlike the other main antagonists of the series, he was not completely evil or beyond redemption. Rather, he just believed he was truly the right thing and protecting humanity. However, when Dracula saved his life, he showed Van Helsing there was truly no difference between humans and monsters and he redeemed himself. Abraham even admitted that he was wrong at monsters being evil.


"You can't run from me, Prince of Darkness! I will hunt you for all eternity- AAH!"
"I swear I will never rest until I destroy you- UGH!"
"And- EEP!"
"Every- AUG!"
"Other- ACK!"
"Monster- OW!"
"If its the last thing- AUH!"
"I- UGH!"
"Ever- AGH!"
"DOOOOOO!" *splash*
~ Abraham during his numerous attempts to destroy Dracula.
Why? Why after everything, would you save my life? (Dracula: Because, basically, we are all the same! Claws or fangs, two eyes or three eyes...) (Monsters: Green skin, no skin, prickly, brainy...) (Tinkles: Ruff!) I'm sorry! ...Huh. I feel kinda silly now; for decades, I have hunted your kind, persecuted you. The only thing I can do to make it up to you is... give you a... a 30% refund. Oh, alright... full refund.
~ Abraham redeeming himself.



  • Despite being the main antagonist, he only had a brief amount of screen-time.
  • Unlike many versions of Van Helsing, this version is portrayed as an evil, deluded monster-hating psychopath while Dracula is the true hero. He has been trying to hunt and kill Dracula and every other monster thinking that they are menaces to humans.
    • Although his actions were unexpectable to monsters, Abraham still can considered an anti-hero as he is just a guy who wants the humanity safe and he was surprised when Dracula saves him rather than leaving him to his death).
  • In the movie, he started out as an antagonist to anti-hero. He was wrong about Dracula when he saved his great-granddaughter and his life and was wrong about the monsters. He made peace with them.
  • Despite being the main antagonist, there was a rumor that Ericka will be the main antagonist before the film was released in July 13, 2018.


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