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Don't you remember? We told that pink freak to beat it! In fact, we've already insulted all of your rotten friends, and no one will hang out with you, 'cause you have no friends left, Mr. LoserBob LonelyPants!
~ The abrasive side, as it starting to take over on SpongeBob's personality.

The Abrasive Side is the titular main antagonist in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Abrasive Side". It was originally supposed to help SpongeBob become more assertive, but as the episode progressed, it began to take over SpongeBob's body and dramatically affect his personality. Eventually, SpongeBob decided to seek help from his friend Sandy Cheeks who removed the Abrasive Side from SpongeBob and sent it back to the company from which it came.

Just like the original SpongeBob, he was voiced by Tom Kenny.


The Abrasive Side initially was triggered whenever someone asked SpongeBob to help with some sort of favor, but as it possessed SpongeBob the Abrasive Side began to act out on its own and caused SpongeBob to develop a split personality. Abrasive SpongeBob's personality is the complete opposite of regular SpongeBob. This SpongeBob is a completely abrasive jerk who viciously insults anyone who even speaks to him, and sometimes even physically abuses people.

His mean personality drove all of his good friends away, and after SpongeBob realized what was happening to him, the Abrasive Side revealed that making SpongeBob lose his friends was its true intention, which hints that the Abrasive Side may be a sentient object. Ironically, all of the Bottomites reacted negatively to A. SpongeBob's acts of cruelty except for Squidward (who was happy because A. SpongeBob said he would never play with him anymore), while regular SpongeBob is generally liked by everyone besides Squidward and a few others.



  • The Abrasive Side's appearance is a spoof on the abrasive side found on most cleaning sponges used to remove tough stains, which is how it is named.


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