You wanna know why I gutted your family? Orders. I was following orders. (...) Who do you think? Lucifer planned the whole thing. (...) No particular reason. You were chosen, but you're not special. We threw a dart at the phone book.
~ Abraxas explains his murders of Nick's family.

Abraxas is a powerful and sadistic demon in the horror series Supernatural who acted as an assassin for Lucifer.


After his release from his Cage in Hell, Lucifer assigned to Abraxas to brutally murder a family, presumably to set himself up an alternative vessel since his true vessel Sam Winchester was reticent. According to Abraxas himself, the choice was random and he chose Nick, a family man in Pike Creek, Delaware. On the night in question, Nick's wife Sarah spotted Abraxas outside of her house and contacted the police who sent beat cop Frank Kellogg to investigate. Introducing himself, Abraxas possessed Frank and brutally murdered Sarah and Nick's son Teddy with a hammer. Afterwards, Abraxas abandoned Frank's body, leaving him alive, covered in blood and with no memory of the murders in the front seat of his police car. Though Nick's neighbour Arty Nielson witnessed "Frank" leaving the house, he was threatened into silence by the police, presumably to protect one of their own and the murders remained unsolved for the next nine years. As planned, Lucifer was able to use the seemingly senseless deaths of Nick's family to manipulate Nick into becoming his vessel.

Over the next several years, Abraxas continued his sadistic murder spree, eventually targeting a Girl Scout troop along with another demon. The two came up against hunter Mary Winchester who scared off the other demon, but found Abraxas to be too powerful for her to defeat. Mary eventually trapped Abraxas in an Enochian Puzzle Box and saved one young girl, Tonya Baker.

After Lucifer's death in 2019, Nick was freed from his control only to learn that his family's murders still remained unsolved. Driven by a desire for revenge, Nick began a brutal rampage hunting for Abraxas. Before murdering Arty for his role in the coverup, Nick learned that he had seen a cop exiting Nick's house and eventually tracked down Frank who identified Abraxas. Nick realized that Abraxas was a demon who had possessed Frank and murdered his family, but killed Frank anyway as his hands were used to commit the murders.

Nick began hunting Abraxas, eventually capturing and torturing the demon who had aided Abraxas in attacking the Girl Scout troop. The demon pointed Nick to Mary Winchester who Nick forced to lead him to the storage locker where she had stored the Enochian Puzzle Box containing Abraxas. Nick released Abraxas from the box, containing the demon with a Devil's Trap and kidnapping a security guard for Abraxas to possess. Amused by both Lucifer's death and Nick's identity, the demon promised answers in exchange for Nick killing Mary in revenge for her trapping Abraxas. The confrontation was interrupted by Mary's sons and Sheriff Donna Hanscum and a desperate Nick released Abraxas. Attacking the group, Abraxas revealed that he had murdered Nick's family on Lucifer's orders and stopped Dean from preventing an exorcism. As the demon turned on Mary, Nick shoved Abraxas to the ground from behind and stabbed him in the chest with an angel blade, killing Abraxas and avenging the murders of his family. Nick was subsequently arrested for his own murder spree by Donna.

After escaping from police custody, Nick discovered that his wife had been trapped in their house as a ghost ever since her murder by Abraxas. Though the demon was dead, Sarah was unable to move on due to Nick's inability to let Lucifer go.

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