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Absalom: And so you have come, bearing your sin like a badge of honor. What do you seek, Pale Rider?
Death: The return of mankind.
Absalom: To a barren planet, shorn of life? Humans are weak and simple, they would not survive this resurrection... nor do they deserve it!
Death: That is not ours to judge. I do this to spare War from the Council's punishment.
Absalom: And what of the Nephilim? Would you save but one, and not the rest?
Death: The Nephilim are a threat to the Balance.
Absalom: If we had taken Eden, none of this would have happened. Yet you rode against us, slaughtered our flesh, then bound our souls in your amulet!
Death: Who are you?
Absalom: I think you know. Once, you called me Brother.
Death: Absalom...
Absalom: I have forsaken that name. Now I am Corruption.
~ Absalom to his former brother, Death.

Absalom, later known as Corruption and the Avatar of Chaos, was the former leader of the now-late Nephilim and the first of their kind in existence. After his defeat at the hands of Death, Absalom became the source of all Corruption across the Realms and is revealed to be the main antagonist and final boss of Darksiders II.

He was voiced by Simon Templeman.


Death first encountered Absalom after the purification of the Guardian in the Forge Lands when he approached the Tree of Life. Enveloped by a gooey black mass, Death was dragged into a shadowy space seething with Corruption, a dark figure towering over him. The being taunted Death, and asked what Death sought. When the Horseman replied with "The return of mankind", the creature taunted Death even further, claiming that Humanity could not survive the resurrection, let alone deserve it.

Death explained that he was doing it to save War from the wrath of the Charred Council, only to have the being question him about the Nephilim, asking why Death spared one but not the rest. Death stated that they were a threat to the Balance, only to have the being angrily retort, claiming that none of this would have happened if the Nephilim took Eden but Death still rode against them and slew them all, entrapping their Souls in his amulet.

Death questioned the identity of the being, who said he already knew, he is once his brother; Death realized he was Absalom, but the being said that he has forsaken that name and was now Corruption. Corruption blamed Death for his creation and claimed nothing would escape his grasp, not even death.

For the rest of his journey to restore Humanity, Death encountered Absalom indirectly through the faceless Corruption. Only at the end of his journey did Death encounter Absalom in his true albeit twisted form; Absalom held sway over the Well of Souls and was the only thing standing between Death and his goal. They engaged in a brutal conflict, with Death the victor. Clearly beaten, the defeated Absalom asked Death to take his hand once more as his brother; Death paused for a moment's notice but ultimately ignored Absalom's plea and retrieved his scythe from Absalom, killing him once and for all.


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