Absynthe is a villain in the Marvel Universe and a enemy towards Iron Man.


Absynthe was created when Brain uploaded a virus. The technology was originally considered as a means to change the world. So through various factions including; corporations, terror organization, third-world governments and rogue elements of S.H.I.E.L.D. - experimented with it, uploading criminals using crude technology.

As their research progressed the technology got better, but did not become perfect until the end. Somewhere in this process, the various minds that had been partially uploaded melded, creating a new posthuman mind.

This new mind, who would later name herself; Absynthe, was a sentient computer virus. "She" used her powers to attack Tony Stark while framing him for the destruction of several experimental SHIELD designs. The Hypervelocity Armor's "Tony 2.0" mode (a copy of Tony built using the finished technology from the research that created Absynthe) activated, and Absynthe revealed "she" wished to gain control of the armor itself.

Powers and Abilities

Absynthe is a technopath. It is able to interface with and control other technologies.