Abu'l Nuqoud

Abu'l Nuqoud

Ah, but I see it in your eyes: you doubt. You cannot stop us... we will have our "New World".
~ Abu'l Nuquod's last words.

Abu'l Nuquod is a villain from the videogame Assassin's Creed. He was a Templar and the fourth target Altaïr had to assassinate. He was the Merchant King of Damascus and lived within the city's Rich District. He was also a Saracen.

Abu'l Nuquod was a very wealthy and important man in Damascus. He was left there to rule the city while the soldiers were waging war.

He used a lot of money to buy new clothes, expensive furniture and exotic food. He often threw lavish parties, to impress the townspeople. The townspeople, however, hated him, because he was repulsive (very obese and a pock-marked face) and because of his homosexuality.

Because of all the rumors going on about him, he hates the townspeople and starts seeing them as the source of all crime, disease and poor things in the world.

Altaïr was sent to Damascus to assassinate Abu'l Nuquod. When he arrived at the city, the merchant king was throwing a party at his palace for all the nobles in Damascus. When all the guests have arrived, Abu proposes a toast, and starts telling them how much he actually hates them.

It is then revealed Abu poisoned the wine, in order to kill all the party guests. Altaïr climbs up to his balcony, taking advantage of all the panic and chaos, and assassinated Abu.