Abu Bahaa (Arabic: أبو بهاء) was a terrorist commander and the main antagonist of Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Abu Bahaa and his terrorist organization were first mentioned in Death on Wheels, with the player being told that Bahaa had overthrown the local government, and was in control of the entire region. The player is sent to assassinate Bahaa while he is in the hospital, but it is actually a trap set by Bahaa to try and eliminate the player.

Bahaa is found to have a secret underground compound underneath the city's port and after fighting their way through the base, Bahaa reveals he has acquired a nuclear device. Bahaa then taunts the player and attempts to flee. After a chase, Bahaa's truck is flipped, and the player's squad moves in to capture him. However, Bahaa had recruited Jones, who betrays the squad, killing Dozer and taking Fox hostage. Bahaa thanks Jones, then mocks Warrens, demanding his surrender. When Warrens kills Jones instead, Bahaa attempts to kill both himself and the player with a pair of grenades, but is tackled by Fox, who gives the Warrens a chance to flee. Abu Bahaa is killed when his grenades detonate.


After Abu Bahaa's death, U.S. military forces started to hunt the remaining top members of Abu Bahaa terrorist organization.


  • Abu Bahaa appears to have military decorations on his chest, possibly indicating previous military experience.
  • Abu Bahaa is the only antagonist in the series not to be killed by the protagonist.
  • Abu Bahaa is the main cause of the wars in Modern Combat 2, 3, 4 and 5. The main antagonists were all once Abu Bahaa's followers.
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