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Abu Fayed is a major antagonist of Day 6 of the Action TV Show 24.

He was portrayed by Adoni Maropis.


Abu Fayed is a cold middle-eastern terrorist mastermind hell-bent on destroying Los Angeles and killing anyone who dare oppose him. He rarely if ever shows emotion, always keeping a very calm expression and almost looks bored as he's killing millions. Different from most other middle-eastern terrorists in the show, who are often driven by ideology and care about their henchmen or simply believe they are doing good, Fayed is an utterly remorseless sociopath who has very little motivation other than a desperate need to destroy and earn money from doing it. Not even his own associates are safe from Fayed's sociopathy, as seen with Fayed betraying and selling Hamri Al-Assad, his former right-hand out for betraying his "cause".


Before the series even begins, Fayed is behind dozens and dozens of suicide bombings around Los Angeles for eleven weeks straight, using his own henchmen as mere pawns to do so. Although Fayed's past is never mentioned, it is stated that his brother was interrogated by Jack Bauer once, but was killed due to Jack's overly brutal methods. When his associate Hamri Al-Assad committed a series of terrorist attacks, Fayed sold him out for 25 million dollars to the government, and they were forced to comply due to Hamri becoming more and more ruthless. Now respected by the government, Fayed uses his position to release hundreds of prisoners, one of which had a nuclear bomb armed, which Fayed detonated, killing twelve thousand people.

Kidnapping the CTU Agent Morris O'Brian, Fayed brutally tortures him with a drill, until he makes him a device so that Fayed can blow up nukes he has set around America, planning on detonating them. Starting out by detonating the first one, Fayed plots with Dmitri Gredenko to set off multiple other nuclear warheads all over the U.S. When that plan fails, Fayed uses the final two explosives to blow up downtown Los Angeles, killing thousands. When Bauer finds him at the end of the season, they have a brutal gunfire and later even more brutal brawl, before Bauer manages to hang him with a steel chain, killing him.

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