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Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza is the main antagonist of the 2007 film The Kingdom.

He was portrayed by Hezi Saddik.


Several of his terrorists detonate a bomb at a softball game. The terrorists also impersonate members of the Saudi Police Force. After the attack, the FBI teams up with the Saudi Police Force to investigate the bombing. The Americans, however, are given a hands-on approach to the crime scene rather than investigate. Eventually, al-Ghazi sends in a SWAT team to raid a house full of terrorists and kill them all, but they all turn out to be amateur fighters and not the real planners behind the attacks.

Near the end of the movie, as the agents drive to the airport, the convoy is suddenly attacked by the real terrorists, and they kidnap Leavitt, one of the Americans. The agents pursue the terrorists to the dangerous Suwaidi neighborhood, where a fierce firefight ensues. The agents kill their attackers, and while Fleury, al-Ghazi, and Mayes head inside the apartment to look for Leavitt, Haytham and Sykes decide to stay outside and provide backup. The agents inside the complex manage to kill a few terrorists, while Mayes ends up scaring a little girl and telling a family to stay put. She finds the terrorists who are about to execute Leavitt and kills them all.

She ends up engaging another terrorist in a fistfight and kills him by stabbing his brains out. The agents then investigate the family Mayes had encountered earlier and Mayes goes to the little girl and gives her a lollipop while the girl gives her a marble in return, matching the marble she had investigated earlier. al-Ghazi then examines the old man and upon seeing the severed fingers on the man, confirming him to be Abu Hamza. Abu Hamza's teenage grandson walks out of the bedroom and manages to shoot al-Ghazi in the neck twice before his handgun jams, then he fixes the gun and points his gun at Mayes, prompting Fleury to kill him. Enraged, Abu Hamza takes out an assault rifle and attempts to kill the agents, but Haytham arrives and shoots Abu Hamza in the chest three times. A grandson comes in and hugs the dying Abu Hamza, who whispers in his ear that they will kill them all, as revealed in the final scene.

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