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Abu Harbi is the dictator of Shayhour, Kardad, Qumeira, and Jandahar and one of many antagonists in the Forge of Empires franchise.


Abu Harbi is a very delusional dictator. He considers his own states "democratic states", considering himself a rightful president. He also consistently calls the player "corrupt".

In reality, he is a totalitarian dictator who gained his power via a putsch. He has no problem suppressing certain groups, and at one point, he even slaughters an entire minority with chemical weapons.


Head of military forces in a region of a country, Abu Harbi used his power to steal provinces from his brothers.

He can be defeated by the player, and one of two things happen:

  • He was tried for crimes against humanity, but commits suicide in his holding cell.
  • His house was burned down and he was found dead.