Betty Boop be human

Betty Boop be human

The Abusive Farmer is the main antagonist of the classic Betty Boop cartoon, "Be Human", an early example of animal welfare (1920s).

The Abusive Farmer is an evil, vicious brute of a man that beats his animals in many violent ways (whipping his dog repeatedly, punching a cow in the face and beating a chicken to the point its feathers fly off) and mocks Betty Boop for berating him over his brutal ways.

Eventually Betty has no choice but to call on Grampy, who captured the Abusive Farmer and locked him in an elaborate trap designed to teach him the errors of his ways : in the end the Abusive Farmer is broken and declares he will change his ways, though it is unclear if he stayed true to his promise.


  • The cartoon was originally banned due to the graphic violence portrayed, both by the Abusive Farmer and in his poetic punishment.
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