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The Abusive father was the main antagonist of the Chick Tract "Somebody Loves Me".

Somebody Loves Me

He was the father of this unnamed child (who may or may not be a boy or a girl) whom was given a task by his/her father to go out and beg for money. It was implied that they were very poor. It started to rain, and the child was denied money from any passerbys. The child was finally shown sympathy by an unknown man, and he gives him a penny. The child then returns home to show him the money that he/she earned. Unsastisfied with the one cent, the father pulls out a bat and beats his child with it. He then throws him/her out and leaves him/her for dead.

The poor child went into a box in an alleyway, and he/she remained there until a paper flew over to him/her which stated that Jesus loved him/her. A woman comes by and tells him this, and then goes to get help for the child. The child succumbs to the beatings, and dies in the alleyway. The child is then taken to Heaven.


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