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Abyss is a villain in DC Comics.


Abyss is the living gateway between worlds. He travels around worlds commiting robberies along with his cohort The Squid. When they arrived in the city of Fairfax they fight Chris King and Vicki Grant in their hero forms. They manage to defeat the pair however The Squid tries to escape in one of his portals but Abyss is so disoriented from the fight that the portal teleports him to somewhere that Abyss doesn't even know the location of. They then seems to implode.

Later Ex Nihilo and The Squid try to get Abyss and Nihilo to merge. However, this fails and Abyss leaves. He goes on a rampage in Littleville while Nihilo tries to get control of him. After she fails to do so she eventually gives up. The U.S. army tries to destroy him with missiles but Abyss just absorbs them. Later, Nelson Jent and Roxie use their dial to fight him in hero in their hero forms. They are able to defeat him by turning him to stone.

Powers and Abilities

Abyss can teleport himself and anyone else he wants to any world or universe.