3 Days, Click....Doomsday!
~ Abyss's first words.

Abyss is a well-known antagonist or Heel of the Wrestler company, TNA. Abyss is shown to be a sadist, psychopathic human being, which at some points he would break the fingers of his victims, Wrap barbed wire around his hand and fell up the wrestling ring with Thumbtacks in order to slam a wrestler down on them. At some times, he displays remorseful behaviour but at most time, he lets his savage side. Much like other masked villains. He wear his mask in a way to protect his identity or as an sign of his true side.

After his explosive debut in 2003, Abyss started a path of destruction through the year in TNA, by the time of 2004, Abyss started a Major feud with the likes of AJ Styles, Ron Killing/R-Truth, Raven, Monty Brown and Jeff Hardy. in which results in a few World Heavyweight title reigns.

Abyss's First Attire (2003)

Throughout the years of 2005 to 2008, Abyss yet again got into many major feuds, majority of the feuds was with Raven and Sting, Since at that time Abyss was Manipulated and managed by "Father" James Mitchell, a previous enemy of Raven.

But during the course of the 4 Years. James Mitchell betrayed Abyss by using as well as managing, Black Reign(Dustin Rhodes) and Rellik(Jon Hugger). In which not only attacking Abyss but attacking Raven, in which results to a short-lived alliance between Raven and Abyss.

By the end of 2008, Abyss started to have an major but short-lived rivalry against Judas Mesias managed by James Mitchell, in which turned out to be Abyss's half-brother and during the course of this rivalry, James Mitchell turns out to be the biological father of both Abyss and Judas Mesias.

Abyss's Second Attire (2004 - 2005).

The feud came to an end at Against All Odds when Abyss defeated his brother in an Barbed Wire Massacre match.

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