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The destruction of the nation of Khaenri'ah by the gods... is the reason why the Abyss Order now seeks to destroy the nations watched over by The Seven.
~ Dainsleif about the Abyss Order.

The Abyss Order or only known as the Abyss, is one of the two main antagonistic forces in Genshin Impact alongside the Fatui, usually serving as the main antagonist of the Traveler-focused acts of the Archon Quests.

They are a mysterious legion of monsters from the Abyss, a mysterious region beneath the world of Teyvat. They are enemies of humanity that seek to overthrow the world ruled by the Archons. Their identity is revealed to be the remnants of the kingdom of Khaenri'ah who, five hundred years ago, was destroyed by the gods. Their motive is vengeance against Celestia and the Archons and the restoration of their fallen kingdom.



Long ago, the kingdom of Khaenri'ah was ruled by the Eclipse Dynasty. Five hundred years ago, the Eclipse Dynasty fell due to a cataclysm caused by the gods, wiping out the entire kingdom with it. Most of the denizens were afflicted by a curse, causing them to become mindless immortal monsters. From beneath Teyvat, the survivors discovered the Abyss, a realm of dark energy. An alchemist named Gold, corrupted by their greed and ambition, combined the people with the Abyss' powers, transforming them into shadowy monsters. Corrupted by the influences of the Abyss, the monsters established the Abyss Order. They eventually emerged to the surface world, hungry for revenge against humanity and the gods.

Genshin Impact

Lead by the Prince/Princess, the Abyss Order first caused trouble across the region of Mondstadt when they tainted the poison clots inflicted on the great dragon Dvalin that he obtained centuries ago when he clashed with Durin. Under the Abyss Order's manipulation, Dvalin was tricked into believing Barbatos and Mondstadt turned their back on him, angering him to terrorize the residents with his wind storms. Fortunately, the Traveler was able to soothe Dvalin's wrath and destroy the tainted clots that made him suffer.

Later on, the Traveler meets a mysterious man named Dainsleif, who explains the origins of the Abyss Order. When the Traveler is assigned by Ganyu to intercept a gang of Treasure Hoarders attempting to heist an Abyss Order ruins around Mt. Aocang, they find the ruins empty and the Grand Thief dead. In front of him is a stolen statue of the Seven of Barbatos mysteriously inverted and glowing a sinister purple. An Abyss Herald ambushes the Traveler and Paimon when they attempt to flee, but they defeat him and he escapes.

Meeting again with Dainsleif, the Traveler explains the statue and he believes it to be tied to the Abyss Order. After defeating several Abyss Mages, the group obtain a talisman explaining the Abyss Order's plan: to create an abomination by merging the statue with the limbs of Osial and power it with the core from the first Field Tiller. While obtaining information from Barbara and Rosaria in the Favonius Cathedral, the Traveler and Dainsleif discover the same Abyss Herald attacking Wolvendom. They manage to defeat him and he flees again before he could complete a ritual to corrupt Boreas.

After retrieving the eye of the first Field Tiller, the Traveler and Dainsleif return to the ruins to destroy the defiled statue, but are stopped once more by the Abyss Herald and Mages. They defeat him yet again but are thwarted by the arrival of the Prince/Princess of the Abyss, revealed to be the Traveler's long-lost sibling. They warn their twin not to trust Dainsleif as he failed to protect Khaenri'ah when it fell and was cursed with immortality to watch his people turn into monsters. They and the Herald then warp away in a portal with Dainsleif quickly chasing after them, leaving the Traveler alone and unsure how to destroy the statue. For Dainsleif however, he lost the Traveler's twin and the Abyss Herald when he took the wrong direction from the portal ended up in Stormterror's Lair all alone. Dain later hidden the Eye of the First Filler Tiller in a safe place to ensure the Abyss Order will never be able to find it, thus foiling the "Loom of Fate" operation of turning Osial as a mechanized god of mass destruction.

Later, a group of monsters of the Abyss Order were led by Enjou went to Enkanomiya in search for the book "Before Sun and Moon" to find proof if the gods came from outside Treyvat or not. Another group went to operate in the Chasm to harvest curses of immortality in their plan to revive Khaenri'ah. Both parties were ultimately foiled by the Traveler and friends.

During the events of the Chasm, the Hilichurls were acting strangely. It revealed they were dying due to their suffering from the curse of immortality as they grow old and fear from the light. The Abyss created a device use the Chasm's upside down ancient city's fountain that would remove the curse by force. While believing it would freed them from the curse and revert them into their former selves, it revealed to be a complete opposite that is if the curse will be remove by force, it would be significantly damage to those who possess the curse which would only kills them. However, the device is destroyed by the Traveler when Halfdan sacrificed himself to damage the device.



The Prince/Princess

Main article: The Traveler's Twin

The Traveler's twin sibling better known as "Prince/Princess", eventually became the leader of the Abyss Order after being captured by the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles.


Abyss Heralds

Abyss Herald

Bow before the Abyss!
~ An Abyss Herald.

Abyss Heralds are strong soldiers of the Abyss Order. They brandish blades that can engulf everything in an instant. According to Dainsleif, Abyss Heralds command the Abyss Mages and are even more twisted than them. Only the Hydro (Wicked Torrents) version is known, giving them the ability to harness water through their attacks and increase cooldowns for Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts. They seek to bring "damnation upon the foolish masses".

Dainsleif... I see your incessant meddling continues, and that you have once again joined forces with Our Highness's kin...
~ The Abyss Herald when encountered the Traveler and Dainsleif in their final fight at the Chasm.

One unnamed Abyss Herald appears as the main antagonist of the "We Will Be Reunited" Archon Quest, serving as a right hand to the Prince/Princess. It fought the Traveler during their first encounter and recognized the Traveler as the Prince's/Princess' kin before retreating. It attempted to corrupt Andrius to join the Abyss Order (just like what the Abyss did to Dvalin) but only to failed due to the ceremony was interrupt by the Traveler and Razor when the Abyss Herald underestimated the Wolf King of the North's undetermined willpower. When the Traveler and Dainsleif return to find the defiled statue of the Seven, the Herald fought and defeated but the Prince/Princess saved it and retreated. However, in Chapter II, Act IV, it fought against the Traveler (who it addressed him/her as "Our Highness' kin") and Dainsleif one last time but was killed by them when it fought against them. With its death, the Abyss Order's infernal plans were foiled.

They are voiced by Kellen Goff in English, Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese, and Lee Gwangsoo in Korean.

Abyss Lectors

Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning

Hear ye, the words of joy!
~ Abyss Lectors

Abyss Lectors are evangelists and scholars of the Abyss, capable of manipulating abyssal energy, draining Elemental Energy when damaging the player. Two types exist: the Electro (Violet Lightning) version sing their praises of the darkness as they command electricity, while the Pyro (Fathomless Flames) version chant malefic poetry to command powerful fire magic.

Prior to being encountered in Enkanomiya, they were only exclusive to the Spiral Abyss.

Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames

In the 2.4 quest, a Fathomless Flame Abyss Lector shapeshifted itself as a human named "Enjou". It manipulated the Traveler and Paimon in attempting to obtain the book from the Enkanomiya Library and the Dainichi Mikoshi. However, it was defeated and retreated not before telling the Traveler and Paimon that they will meet again. Enjou returns once again in the "Three Realms Gateway Offering Event" as the main antagonist. Though it wish to kill the Traveler for numerous reason, it revealed it didn't want to when it liked him/her. The Lector revealed that it once formed an alliance with Bathysmal Vishap 1000 years ago but betrayed them when they didn't know that darkness of the Abyss was a terrible poison to elemental beings. It revealed to the Traveler that Tsumi was using him/her as a pawn to get revenge on the Lector for its betrayal. Unlike those who fell over to serve the Prince/Princess, this Lector is more interested to inconsequential things than to serve its highness. The Abyss Lector later given a piece of the same set that Kokomi give the Traveler before taking its leave.

Meddling fool! Encumber us no more!
~ The Abyss Lector when Halfdan damaged the device.

In Chapter II, Act IV, an Abyss Lector: Violet Lightning attempted to remove the curses from the Hilichurls, the Black Knights and even Dainsleif in order to "revive" Khaenri'ah. However, Halfdan sacrificed himself to damage the device. The Abyss Lector was then killed by the Traveler.

The Violet Lightning variate is voiced by Cory Yee in English, Jouji Nakata in Japanese, and Lee Jeong-gu in Korean. The Fathomless Flames variate is voiced by Patrick Seitz in English and Joji Nakata in Japanese.

Abyss Mages

Main article: Abyss Mages

A Hydro Abyss Mage.

Wizard-like monsters that serve as the foot soldiers of the Abyss Order. They currently have four types: Hydro, Cryo, Pyro, and Electro. All of them are encased in an Elemental shield which can be destroyed by Elemental Reactions.

Should their Elemental Shields get shattered, the Abyss Mage will be rendered helpless for a short period of time before they regenerate their shields again.


Main article: Hilichurls

Feral goblin-like monsters in the world of Genshin Impact. The Abyss Order appears to be capable of speaking their language, thus allowing them to be manipulated easily as their pawns. It was later revealed that the Hilichurls are in fact the former people of Khaenri'ah who were afflicted by the curse during the Cataclysm.


Canine-like abyssal creatures created by the alchemist Gold, classified as "Alfisol". Once prevalent throughout Treyvat, these creatures became presumed extinct due to mass hunting, but later they have re-emerged. There are two kinds of Rifthounds, the Rockfond (which carry the Geo element) and the Thundercraven (which carry the Electro element).

Their attacks cause Corrosion, which slowly damages the player even if they are under a shield. If attacked by the same element they are attuned to, the Rifthound will enter its "devourer state" and become more aggressive albeit at the cost of significantly reduced Elemental RES of the respective type.

Golden Wolflord

Golden Wolflord

The Golden Wolflord is the lord of the Rifthounds, serving as a boss found on the southern peninsula of Tsurumi Island. The Wolflord has no name, for it was an unintentional creation of Gold.

Black Serpent Knights/Shadowy Husks

Paimon: What were those? and why did they attack us all of a sudden?

Dainsleif: Black Serpent Knights. They once belong to the Royal Guard of Khaenri'ah.
Paimon: Wait a second! Royal Guard? So... they used to be your troops?
Dainsleif: Yes, they were. But now, the curse engulfs them, and they fight with none of the honor they once had...

~ Dainsleif explaining of Black Serpent Knights.

Animated suits of armor brought to life by dark magic, the Black Serpent Knights or better known as the "Shadowy Husks" are exclusive to Enkanomiya and the Chasm. Their attacks are not only capable of going through shielded characters, but also grant them special buffs as well.

These knights are formerly the Royal Guards of Khaenri'ah who were once the subordinates under the command of their captain, Dainsleif. But now they became mindless monsters without any trace of honor they once had after being afflicted by an unknown curse of immortality as part of the aftermath of the Cataclysm from 500 years ago.

However, one of them manage to retain his honor and memories. His name is Halfdan, (a young elite knight of the royal guards of Khaenri'ah and the closest friend of Dainsleif). He placed the inteyvat (Khaenri'ah National flower) to the deceased Hilichurls (who were the citizen of Khaenri'ah). Despite being as a member of the Abyss, he helped his former captain and the Traveler by betraying the Abyss Order and ruined their plan known as the "revival of Khaenri'ah" even when he sacrificed himself to damage the device which was casting by an Abyss Lector. Halfdan's spirit appears and apologies Dainsleif for failing him, only for his former captain to reassured him that he did well. He serves as a supporting character of the Chapter II, Act IV of the Archon Quests.

  • Standard Bearers: Shadowy Husks wielding Pyro-enhanced spears. When hitting a shielded character, they can generate Pyro shields on themselves and other nearby Husks for a small bit of their health.
  • Line Breakers: Shadowy Husks wielding Hydro-enhanced lances. When hitting a shielded character, they will heal other nearby Husks at the cost of a portion of their health.
  • Defenders: Shadowy Husks wielding Cryo-enhanced bows. When hitting a shielded character, they will generate a shield that blocks the front of the Husk and increases their attack for a small bit of their health.
  • Windcutters: More elite Shadowy Husks wielding Anemo-enhanced greatswords. When hitting a shielded character, they will gain a significant attack damage boost and can blink away from the player character for a small bit of their health.

Ruin Machines

Main article: Automatons (Genshin Impact)

Ancient machines once built to protect the cities of Khaenri'ah, the Ruin Machines now aimlessly wander the ruins of their fallen nation, attacking everything they deem a threat.

Not all Automatons originate from Khaenri'ah. More specifically, the Ruin Machines were the ones originating from this nation, while the likes of Maguu Kenki appear on Inazuma, indicating that there are also Automatons from different regions.

Archives Description

Servants of the Abyss Order that use Hydro in combat. These silent figures are the vanguard of the Abyss, brandishing Tidal Blades that can engulf everything in an instant, crumpling armor and obliterating heretics. They shall bring preordained damnation upon the foolish masses.
~ Abyss Heralds: Wicked Torrents
A monster who serves the Abyss Order and commands lightning while singing the praises of the darkness.
These are the evangelists and the scholars of the Abyss. Their violent lightning strikes the hearts of unbelievers with dark wisdom, warped by the shadowy depths of an eternal night, its violet glow proclaiming the existence of a great power that corrodes human intellect.
~ Abyss Lectors: Violet Lightning
A beast with monstrous blood that is capable of eroding the boundaries of the world. They were created by "Gold."
Once upon a time, they ran riot across the continent, but they went extinct for a time due to resistance and mass hunts. Recently, however, they have re-emerged. The pack of black wolves that now threaten Springvale and Wolvendom are such creatures.
~ Thundercraven Rifthound
A beast with monstrous blood that is capable of eroding the boundaries of the world. "Gold" classified them as "Alfisol."
The previous eras, when giant monstrous beasts descended, large swarms of these hounds would go before them to deliquesce the borders of the world and open the way.
~ Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp
A beast with monstrous blood that is capable of eroding the boundaries of the world. They were created by "Gold."
They do display certain biological behaviors similar to those of real wolves. Perhaps they feel jealousy towards these their "next of kin," and dream of replacing them someday.
~ Rockfond Rifthound
A beast with monstrous blood that is capable of eroding the boundaries of the world. "Gold" classified them as "Alfisol."
They follow the encroaching abyss to devour the elements. Fortunately, there are few of them left now in this world.
~ Rockfond Rifthound Whelp
Hailing from a dark world, this ruler of the black wolves has the power to call upon its followers, its hidden claws, to dissolve space itself and forge a rift through which it may enter.
~ Golden Wolflord
An enigmatic warrior of darkness. From the moves, one can tell that it has long ago lost the things that might make it "human." But if that was the case, why does it lift that banner up so high...
~ Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer
An enigmatic warrior of darkness. From the way it moves, it seems that it may no longer have any "human" intelligence. However, the sight of it charging into battle does not strike one as the mad rush of some dull beast, but the valiant advance of a warrior prepared for death.
~ Shadowy Husk: Line Breaker
An enigmatic warrior of darkness. Judging by appearances, it is nothing but an empty husk, but the weapon in its hand seems more like it was meant to protect rather than slaughter.
~ Shadowy Husk: Defender
A guard of some standing in the court, sundering the foes of the nation's rulers using a sword art known as "Truthseeker."
The Twilight Sword was once one of their number. That realm's glory has been extinguished, never again to be reclaimed.
~ Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter



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