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The destruction of the nation of Khaenri'ah by the gods... is the reason why the Abyss Order now seeks to destroy the nations watched over by The Seven.
~ Dainsleif on the Abyss Order.

The Abyss Order is one of the two main antagonistic forces in Genshin Impact alongside the Fatui.

They are a mysterious legion of monsters from the Abyss, a mysterious region beneath the world of Teyvat. They are enemies of humanity that seek to overthrow the world ruled by the Archons. Their identity is revealed to be the remnants of the kingdom of Khaenri'ah who, five hundred years ago, was destroyed by the gods. Their motive is vengeance against Celestia and the Archons.



Long ago, the kingdom of Khaenri'ah was ruled by the Eclipse Dynasty. Five hundred years ago, the Eclipse Dynasty fell due to a cataclysm caused by the gods, wiping out the entire kingdom with it. From beneath Teyvat, the survivors discovered the Abyss, a realm of dark energy. An alchemist named Gold, corrupted by their greed and ambition, combined the people with the Abyss' powers, transforming them into shadowy monsters. Corrupted by the influences of the Abyss, the monsters established the Abyss Order. They eventually emerged to the surface world, hungry for revenge against humanity and the gods.

Genshin Impact

Lead by the Prince/Princess, the Abyss Order first caused trouble across the region of Mondstadt when they tainted the poison clots inflicted on the great dragon Dvalin centuries ago when he clashed with Durin. Under the Abyss Order's manipulation, Dvalin was tricked into believing Barbatos and Mondstadt turned their back on him, angering him to terrorize the residents with his wind storms. Fortunately, the Traveler was able to soothe Dvalin's wrath and destroy the tainted clots that made him suffer.

Later on, the Traveler meets a mysterious man named Dainsleif, who explains the origins of the Abyss Order. When the Traveler is assigned by Ganyu to intercept a gang of Treasure Hoarders attempting to heist an Abyss Order ruins around Mt. Aocang, they find the ruins empty and the Grand Thief dead. In front of him is a stolen statue of the Seven of Barbados mysteriously inverted and glowing a sinister purple. An Abyss Herald ambushes the Traveler and Paimon when they attempt to flee, but they defeat him and he escapes.

Meeting again with Dainsleif, the Traveler explains the statue and he believes it to be tied to the Abyss Order. After defeating several Abyss Mages, the group obtain a talisman explaining the Abyss Order's plan: to create an abomination by merging the statue with the limbs of Osial and power it with the core from the first Field Tiller. While obtaining information from Barbara and Rosaria in the Favonius Cathedral, the Traveler and Dainsleif discover the same Abyss Herald attacking Wolvendom. They manage to defeat him and he flees again before he could complete a ritual to corrupt Boreas.

After retrieving the core of the first Field Tiller, the Traveler and Dainsleif return to the ruins to destroy the defiled statue, but are stopped once more by the Abyss Herald and Mages. They defeat him yet again but are thwarted by the arrival of the Prince/Princess of the Abyss, revealed to be the Traveler's long-lost sibling. They warn their twin not to trust Dainsleif as he failed to protect Khaenri'ah when it fell and was cursed with immortality to watch his people turn into monsters. They and the Herald then warp away in a portal with Dainsleif quickly chasing after them, leaving the Traveler alone and unsure how to destroy the statue.



The Prince/Princess

Main article: The Traveler's Twin


Abyss Heralds

Abyss Herald

Bow before the Abyss!
~ An Abyss Herald.

Abyss Heralds are strong soldiers of the Abyss Order. They brandish blades that can engulf everything in an instant. Abyss Heralds command the Abyss Mages and are more twisted than them. Only the Hydro (Wicked Torrents) version is known, giving them the ability to harness water through their attacks and increase cooldowns for Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts. They seek to bring "damnation upon the foolish masses".

An unnamed Abyss Herald serves as the main antagonist of the "We Will Be Reunited" Archon Quest, serving as a right hand to the Prince/Princess.

They are voiced by Kellen Goff in English, Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese, and Lee Gwangsoo in Korean.

Abyss Lectors

Abyss Lector

Hear ye, the words of joy!
~ Abyss Lectors

Abyss Lectors are evangelists and scholars of the Abyss, capable of manipulating abyssal energy. Only the Electro (Violet Lighting) version is known, singing their praises of the darkness as they command electricity, draining Elemental Energy when damaging the player.

They are exclusive to the Spiral Abyss, appearing on the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth floors.

They are voiced by Cory Yee in English, Jouji Nakata in Japanese, and Lee Jeong-gu in Korean.

Abyss Mages

Main article: Abyss Mages


Main article: Hilichurls


Ancient machines built by Khaenri'ah. Once built to protect the cities, the Automatons now aimlessly wander the ruins of their fallen nation, attacking everything they deem a threat.

Ruin Guards

Ruin Guard

Formerly known as Field Tillers by the Khaenri'ah people, Ruin Guards are giant golems that wander across the landscapes of Trevat, all replicas of the original prototype. While a majority have fallen into disrepair, the remaining individuals use their brute strength and barrage of missiles to repel intruders. They can be stunned by shooting at their eye or a glowing socket at their back.

Ruin Hunters

Ruin Hunter

A more advanced Ruin Guard, Ruin Hunters have taken to the skies using wind propellers to levitate themselves off the ground. They are equipped with large drills they use to skewer their opponents. They can also detach their arms and convert them into weapons that shoot missiles or lasers. During the bombardment, they expose their core which can be struct to stun them.

Ruin Graders

Ruin Grader

While slower than the other Automatons, Ruin Graders are the largest and hit the hardest. Due to their massive size, Ruin Graders have two additional energy cores stored within their legs. Like Ruin Hunters, they will not expose their cores until during one of their attacks. The core in their head is exposed when they fire a laser or shoot electric orbs. The cores in the legs are exposed during a stomp, spin, or charge.

Ruin Sentinels

A group of cube-shaped Automatons exclusive to the Inazuma region.

  • Ruin Cruiser: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a beehive. The Ruin Cruisers tend to attack from afar, shooting energy orbs from their cores. They can also shoot out multiple needles resembling bee stingers. When charging their attacks, they may expose their core.
  • Ruin Destroyer: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a serpent. The Ruin Destroyers shoot energy orbs from afar, smacking themselves against players that get too close or releasing a laser on the ground around themselves. They can also dig underground to get closer or escape their opponent. When they emerge, they will intake air to suck in their enemies to them, dealing strong damage. They expose their core during this attack, stunning them if it struck.
  • Ruin Defender: A Ruin Sentinel resembling an insect. Using its large front limbs, the Ruin Defenders can strike their opponents and block their attacks, protecting its front. They can also shoot energy from their core like a cannon. Attacking the cannon while charging stuns them.
  • Ruin Scout: A Ruin Sentinel resembling a jellyfish. The Ruin Scouts attack by striking with their heads or tentacles. They can also shoot out energized orbs that unleash electrical beams between the orbs.
Perpetual Mechanical Array

Perpetual Mechanical Array

Found in the ruins underneath Jinren Island in Inazuma, the Perpetual Mechanical Array is a boss comprised of five cubes. Using its body parts, the boss can transform itself into different objects to attack the player, such as a large sword or a rocket that lands down on the player. Eventually, the boss will switch to a defensive mode and protects itself while ditching the four other cubes that turn into Ruin Sentinels. One of the Ruin units will glow yellow, and must be defeated to make the boss expose itself. Afterwards, it pulls in the Ruin units and the attack pattern resets.


Servants of the Abyss Order that use Hydro in combat. These silent figures are the vanguard of the Abyss, brandishing Tidal Blades that can engulf everything in an instant, crumpling armor and obliterating heretics. They shall bring preordained damnation upon the foolish masses.
~ Archives description - Abyss Heralds: Wicked Torrents.
A monster who serves the Abyss Order and commands lightning while singing the praises of the darkness.
These are the evangelists and the scholars of the Abyss. Their violent lightning strikes the hearts of unbelievers with dark wisdom, warped by the shadowy depths of an eternal night, its violet glow proclaiming the existence of a great power that corrodes human intellect.
~ Archives description - Abyss Lectors: Violet Lightning.
An ancient humanoid war machine.
Legend has it that these machines were combat automatons created by a long-destroyed nation. They now wander ruins and ancient detritus, attacking offending travelers. Research indicates that the Ruin Guards and the ruins that they operate in do not originate from the same source, suggesting that there may be a difference of as much as several thousand years between them on the timeline. So why then do the Ruin Guards continue staying among these ruins, using their "explosive firepower" to protect the crumbling walls and broken tiles?
~ Archives description - Ruin Guard.
A giant alien war machine.
They are said to be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Apparently, the creators opted to forgo the low-performing humanoid-design in pursuit of improved combat effectiveness. They are extremely dangerous both in melee and ranged combat. Considering these mere relics possess such extraordinary power, one cannot help but wonder — what must the civilization that produced them have looked like at its height?
~ Archives description - Ruin Hunter.
An ancient humanoid war machine.
Their form is similar to that of Ruin Guards, but it is more distorted and more powerful. Energy cores have been installed in both its legs, as though to power its overly heavy form.
~ Archives description - Ruin Grader.
A strange, alien machine.
They say that it is a war machine left behind by a nation that has already been destroyed. Composed of several different parts, it can adapt to its combat environment and employ a variety of attacks. This machine, comprised of cubic shapes, is on some level very much like the elemental hypostases.
~ Archives description - Perpetual Mechanical Array.



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