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The Abyssal Fleet (Japanese: 深海艦隊, Shinkai Kantai) are the monstrous group of enemy ships and the main antagonists of the Kantai Collection series. They serve as the villainous counterpart to the Fleet Girls.


The Abyssal Ships are the opponents faced by the player's fleet. The print spin-offs put forward the idea that they are an alien menace, and what is more is that they are utterly hostile to humanity as a whole, plaguing the world's shipping lanes with unprovoked attacks. The Abyssal Ships are constantly designed with pale skin, glowing eyes and weapons and armor (save the rare occasions such as with the Abyssal Jellyfish Princess who is based on a living thing rather than a ship or landform).

While popular fan theory proposes that the Abyssal Ships, particularly its more humanoid members, are actually just turned Fleet Girls like ship-ships, the Summer 2014/Aleutians-Midway Event adds even more speculation fuel as it has obliquely hinted through their lines that the Midway Princess and the Aircraft Carrier Demon/Princess are dark reflections of Akagi and Kaga, respectively. Also, the 2014 Fall Event in Western New Guinea implies that Aircraft Carrier Water Demon is Shoukaku's dark side.


Normal Enemies

  • Destroyer I-Class
  • Destroyer Ro-Class
  • Destroyer Ha-Class
  • Destroyer Ni-Class
  • Light Cruiser Ho-Class
  • Light Cruiser He-Class
  • Light Cruiser To-Class
  • Light Cruiser Tsu-Class
  • Torpedo Cruiser Chi-Class
  • Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class
  • Heavy Cruiser Ne-Class
  • Light Carrier Nu-Class
  • Standard Carrier Wo-Class
  • Battleship Ru-Class
  • Battleship Ta-Class
  • Battleship Re-Class
  • Transport Ship Wa-Class
  • Submarine Ka-Class
  • Submarine Yo-Class
  • Submarine So-Class
  • PT Imp Pack
  • Artillery Imp


  • Armored Carrier Demon
  • Armored Carrier Princess
  • Floating Fortress
  • Anchorage Demon
  • Anchorage Princess
  • Escort Fortress
  • Southern Demon
  • Southern War Demon
  • Southern War Princess
  • Airfield Princess
  • Battleship Princess
  • Harbour Princess
  • Isolated Island Demon
  • Northern Princess
  • Aircraft Carrier Demon
  • Midway Princess
  • Aircraft Carrier Princess
  • Destroyer Princess
  • Aircraft Carrier Water Demon
  • Light Cruiser Demon
  • Battleship Water Demon
  • Harbour Water Demon
  • Anchorage Water Demon
  • Seaplane Tender Princess
  • Air Defense Princess
  • Abyssal Crane Princess
  • Abyssal Jellyfish Princess
  • French Battleship Princess
  • Abyssal Mediterranean Princess
  • Abyssal Nimbus Princess
  • Abyssal Pacific Princess
  • Abyssal Sun Princess
  • German Escort Princess
  • Abyssal Twin Princesses
  • Harbour Summer Princess
  • Heavy Cruiser Princess
  • Ancient Destroyer Demon
  • Ancient Destroyer Princess
  • Anti-Air Cruiser Princess
  • Anzio Princess
  • Batavia Princess
  • Canal Princess
  • Central Princess
  • Destroyer Water Demon
  • Dock Princess
  • Entombed Anti-Air Guardian Princess
  • Escort Princess
  • Escort Water Princess
  • European Princess
  • European Water Princess
  • Light Cruiser Princess
  • Lycoris Princess
  • New Submarine Princess
  • Night Strait Princesses
  • Northern Little Sister
  • Northern Water Princess
  • Seaplane Tender Water Princess
  • Submarine Princess
  • Submarine Summer Princess
  • Supply Depot Princess
  • Abyssal Kuriles Princess
  • Gotou Islands Seabed Princess
  • Destroyer Forest Princess
  • New Southern Battleship Princess
  • South Pacific Aircraft Carrier Princess