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The Academy Teacher is the secondary antagonist in the 2015 film The Little Prince, next to The Businessman. He is a slim, tall and deceptive teacher who operates an "Academy", a place where children are transformed into workaholic adults.




Mr. Prince accordingly takes the girl to an "academy" where she is to be "reconditioned" as an adult by a machine controlled by a sinister Teacher. Recognizing the drawing of his sheep's box from the aviator's pages, which he still kept the original (due to his amnesia, he believed that it might be important), Mr. Prince begins to recover his memories and saves the girl from the same fate that he had by putting the Teacher in the machine instead.


Return to your desk, please.
~ The Academy Teacher's last words by ordering the Little Girl to return to her desk, before he is sent to the machine by the Little Prince, who began to recover his memories.
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