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Acat is the goddess of tattoos and the secondary antagonist in the 2021 Netflix limited series, Maya and the Three. Despite being a goddess, she lets her bloodlust get way out of hand and prefers to "play with her food" rather than finish a mission efficiently or with honor.

She is voiced by Chelsea Rendon.


Acat is not a nice person by any means, being incredibly violent and more than happy to toy with opponents. The only exception to this is Zatz who she loves dearly, but Zatz is more than turned away by her actions to the point that he breaks up with her in favor of Maya. It’s heavily implied that a lot of her animosity towards Maya is out of her own jealousy towards Zatz’s growing feelings towards her. When Zatz declares her dishonorable and breaks up with her right when she has Maya on the ropes, she leaves the battle immediately in tears.

Despite being nothing but a vengeful jerk to Maya when they first meet and getting dumped by Zatz for her, she still refuses to reveal his location to Lord Mictlan, an act that ends up costing her her life.

Powers and Abilities

As the goddess of tattoos her body is covered in them, but she's also able to use the ink as weapons for battle or even to gain wings.


She is introduced as Zatz's girlfriend, although while she clearly adores him Zatz looks like he's forcing himself to stick with her (the reason is unknown, although it's possible their conflicting personalities drove a wedge) and winds up falling in love with Maya when he first sees her and even ends his and Acat's relationship when she has Maya on the ropes. To add insult to injury, Acat is killed by Lord Mictlan when she doesn't disclose Zatz's location or that he assisted Maya, and while Word of God does say that Zatz felt awful he doesn't explicitly mourn or even make mention of her once she's gone.



  • She is the only goddess to not meet or fight against Rico, Chimi and Picchu.
  • She is the first goddess to die at the hands of Mictlan and also the first in which her heart is devoured by him.


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