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The Acceleration Research Society, also known as the "Society for Research on Acceleration", is a mysterious shadowy organization. The group uses illegal Brain Implant Chips which allows them to appear in Accel World without being seen on any matching list. They are responsible for the creation of the Chrome Disaster armor, the incident at the Hermes Cord Trasversing Race and for the creation of the Incarnate System Study Kit also known as ISS Kit, and there are clues they might be researching ways to artificially change the colour of Duel Avatars.

Their goals and intentions are currently unknown. Their base is in the western part of the Akasaka Area, in Midtown Tower within Oscillatory Universe's territory, guarded by the Legend-class Enemy, Archangel Metratron, which posesses a laser attack that will vaporize anyone who approaches their base in a 200 metres radius.


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