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Accevive Corp, also known as Accevive Corporation, is an Extreme Gear-manufacturing corporation and an antagonistic group in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Accevive Corp

Accevive Corp is responsible for most of the Extreme Gear products Robotnik Corp made in the last game, except for Blue Star and Red Rock, which were redesigned by Tails. (The Yellow Tail was built anew from the ground up.) This company could be a front by the evil genius Dr. Eggman and that Robotnik Corp. and all its licensed Extreme Gear were sold, or they simply continue production where Robotnik Corp. finished. Either way, they now provide the character boards of the game.

At the end of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the company was later out of business after the downfall of the security corporation MeteorTech.


Accelovice is a small Extreme Gear business built and owned by Accevive Corp.

Debuted in Sonic Free Riders, they created the Extreme Gears for the Xbox Live Avatar as well as a few other major boards and perhaps the new design or line of Extreme Gears.

While the name is similar to Accevive Corp and claimed the creation of its boards, it is unconfirmed if it is the same business under a new company name. Accelovice was no longer in business after the downfall of the robotics industry MeteorTech.



  • Accelovice is also called Accelovice Inc..
  • It is pretty much a continuation of Robotnik Corp., as in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, this manufacturer is responsible for virtually all Extreme Gears developed by Robotnik Corp. in Sonic Riders.


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