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Ace is a male, anthropomorthic bird-creature and recurring enemy appearing in The Weaver's Ruby Quest adventure. Possessing (seemingly) naturally-occuring, super-human abilities unlike that of any other seen in the game; he was employed at the Metal Glen facility as a heavily-tasked orderly and was once very loyal to the staff, especially towards Filbert and Bella.

What is probably best known for is his ability to instill fear in others, often without even trying; so much so that he made the grotesquely-deformed, twisted, and even more enormous Eldritch Abomination Subject #6 hopelessly cower and cry for his mother!

It is noted by fans that Ace bears a strong resemblance in both personality and appearance to that of Pyramid Head of the Silent Hill series—especially due to his immense size, muteness, and (almost) never being seen without his mask.

Personality and Behavior

Ace will get you! He won't listen to his orders anymore — he won't even listen to HER! But, he is still obedient. I don't know who, but I know he is still listening to SOMEONE! He will GET you!
~ Filbert

Ace shows little personal characteristics, other than being incredibly, loyal, and determined. He is also known for having an unusually high stamina and endurance, though most likely due to the "cure". During his employment to the Metal Glen and later servatude to the Cjopaze; Ace has always obeyed any order given to him, and will stop at no extent to complete it, if it means apprehending a fellow co-worker, or even if the task comes to personal harm to himself. In the situations that he can, he will often opt for the least violent; as he usually can complete what orders he must by sheer intimidation—and particularly by the Cjopaze's orders, he must not harm (or at leat kill) any of the patients or other staff members, himself.

Turning Loyalties

Being obviously the most phyically capable of the facility's inhabitants, it has been shown that the entity known as the Cjopaze has taken almost complete control over Ace's mind and apparently chosen him as its personal servant. He has since been performing the wishes of his new master under its over-whelming influence.


It has been occasionally speculated by fans and hinted in a few of The Weaver's cut-away gags that Ace may possibly be (or in part of) Subject #4, Jay (aka Emobird). Though this has not been proven cannonically; it has been clearly shown that Jay does have a special connection to him, as Ace had personally kept him in his personal cold-storage room, chained up in the water filtration unit, contaminating the facility's water supply with his "cure"-laden blood. (Whether this was an order by his master, the Cjopaze, or not still remains a mystery) In addition, Jay is the most supernaturally affected of the patients in regards to his size.