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Ace is a War Boy who serves as Imperator Furiosa's second-in-command aboard the War Rig and a minor antagonist in the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road.


Ace was assigned to protect the War Rig on its journey to the Bullet Farm and Gas Town to obtain supplies for the Citadel.

As Furiosa took a detour to go to the Green Place, Ace initially did not question it and relayed Furiosa's orders to rest of the War Boys aboard the War Rig. When they ask what is happening, Ace simply states they have "new orders". However, as Furiosa attempted to take the War Rig through a sandstorm, Ace finally questioned his superior. When the rest of the War Boys start attacking the War Rig, Ace realizes that Furiosa is defecting and attempts to stop her, only to be killed by her.


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