Ace Johnson is the main antagonist of the 1979 American comedy film, Skatetown, U.S.A.

He is portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze, who also portrayed Bodhi, in his film debut.


Ace is first seen arriving to Skatetown, U.S.A. with his gang, the West Side Wheelers, as they started terrorizing the skaters there before they took a seat to their table. Upon learning that Stan Nelson, a newbie, is going to join in the contest, he decided to challenge him firsthand. For the singles round, he had ordered his henchman, Frankey, to sabotage the skaters so that he could win the round.

He performed well in his turn, and when it's Stan's turn, Frankey's attempt to sabotage him backfired due to being hold down by nearby two people. Despite this, Ace won the singles round. For the doubles round, Ace ordered Frankey to take Stan's sister, Susan, away from the arena so that Stan won't have someone to skate with in the round. Unfortunately, Allison, the girl who was sitting with the gang, gets fed up with Ace's cheating ways that she decided to skate with Stan in Susan's place. Stan won the doubles round.

Because of the tie between them, they challenge each other to a game of chicken on motorized roller skates. Ace's attempt to cheat for this round backfired when he was sent falling to the river with Stan.

Stan saved his life, and when Ace asked him of why did he do such thing despite all the cheating he had done to win, Stan responds "Well, I'm the hero." Since then, Ace has reformed and become friends with Stan. They even started skating together.

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