Ace Killer is a robotic assassin and antagonist in Ultraman Ace. It is a Choju created by Yapool specifically to counter and kill Ace.

Ace Killer returns in Ultraman Mebius, where it is used by Yapool to battle Mebius.


Ultraman Ace

Ace Killer was created by Yapoolt to kill Ultraman Ace. After Ace Killer obtained the powers and weapons of the Ultra Brothersr, Yapool released a robot replica of Ultraman Ace to demonstrate Ace Killer's power by having Ace Killer destroy it.

Ultraman Ace attempted to rescue his brothers, but he was ambushed by the powered-up Ace Killer. Ace Killer easily overpowered Ultraman Ace with the Ultra Brothers' powers, but the Ultra Brothers used the last of their energy to empower Ultraman Ace. With the combined energy of his brothers, Ultraman Ace used a Space Q attack to destroy Ace Killer, freeing his fellow Ultras.

Ultraman Mebius

Ace Killer later returned when it was used by Yapool to combat Ultraman Mebius.

Yapool summoned Ace Killer to Earth to battle Mebius. Ace Killer easily had the upper hand in the fight, and things only got worse for Mebius when Yapool had Gadiba merge into Ace Killer to transform him into Mebius Killer. Mebius Killer brutally beat down Mebius. However, some encouragement from Aya gave Mebius the courage he needed to overpower and defeat Mebius Killer, destroying the robot with the Mebium Dynamite move.

Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Reverse

After Yapool was revived he used Ace Killer as a host.

Ultra Fight Victory

Yapool later used Ace Killer again, giving him a copy of Ultraman Victory's UITrans and declaring him Victory Killer. Ace Killer was sent to prevent Ultraman Ace from saving Ginga. Victory Killer was later destroyed by Victory himself and Shepardon.