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You know, I'm not quite the kind of mercenary that you're familiar with. To put it simply, I'm more like a hitman. To be precise, the ultimate hitman! Ace Killer!
~ Ace Killer's introduction to Shinjiro and Moboroshi.
Nobody has ever defeated me!
~ Ace Killer's last words before his demise by Shinjiro.

Ace Killer is a major antagonist in the 2019 Netflix anime series, ULTRAMAN, based on the original 2011 manga series. He serves as the main antagonist in the first season, first appeared in the two-part season finale. He is a mercenary that was hired to assassinate a research team years ago and is the leader of his squadron known as the Ace Killer Squad.

He is the personal archenemy of Seiji Hokuto, which the mercenary is responsible for the deaths of his parents, as well as Yuko Minami's, who was a childhood friend of his.

He was voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in the Japanese dub and Ray Chase in the English dub.


Ace Killer is described to be sadistic, lacking any sort of empathy, and completely remorseless as he takes full pride in his killings and torturing his enemies during a fight, especially having delight in killing any target to however pays him well. Although he's quite sadistic, he also possesses a much more relaxed and calmer demeanor in most situations and when he leads his squadron despite maintaining his ruthless and sadistic nature.

He is also arrogant and overconfident in his skills and his fighting tactics, given there was a reason he named himself "Ace Killer" in the first place and has never been once defeated in his life until Shinjiro was his last opponent, the same goes for calling himself as the "ultimate hitman" (likely due to being a skilled fighter and murderer alike). He also holds no honorable traits as he tried to drop a bomb onto the Earth as a last resort after his death, purely out of spite in case he loses, same goes for how he'll have Seiji's skull as a trophy.

He completely lacked any care for his own men, especially Nepenthes, as he doesn't slightly seem concerned with their deaths and only saw them as an expansion to his power on killing others no matter what.


Ace Killer and his team are known for their mercenary activities, which started off with a task given to them on assassinating a research team from the Cluster Star Alliance. Upon doing so he and his squad bombed a plane that carried over 247 passengers on board, one of them is notable the Hokuto family getting caught in the act. Despite succeeding in their assassination, three survivors were spared from the incident, them being the last member of the team known as Yapool, including Seiji Hokuto and his friend Yuko.

Years later, he and his squad were seen bombing an oil factory within the seas, only to find out that their target was not sighted here. Their actions caught SSSP's attention to where they raided their hideout in a mansion near a forest at night, however, Morobshi and his squad of soldiers were killed from the bomb, only leaving the latter to survive.

Ace Killer and his team soon discover and introduced himself to the Ultraman of SSSP, only to torture them brutally and ruthlessly, mainly on Shinjiro by stomping on his heart and blasting him in the stomach multiple times. He then used them as bait for Seiji to come out of hiding, only to be attacked by the latter as the two fought with his men backing him up.

Unfortunately for Seiji, Ace Killer had the advantage as he somewhat manages to beat the young Ultraman to a pulp and had him laying to his knees, all beaten and brutalized before Seiji fought the latter personally as Ace is backed up with his men helping him. However, Seiji and Ace fought individually once the latter took down his men, though Ace still manages to brutalize the boy badly after the fight before he had his men shoot him to near death.

Ace Killer then aims his gun at Seiji in an attempt to kill him personally before sadistically claiming that he'll kill Yuko quickly and calling Seiji's motive for Yuko's happiness to be "useless". Unfortunately, Ace's arm gets sliced off as Seiji kills all of his men, therefore they both engage in fighting one another in anger to one another, not before Ace used his teleportation to cut off Seiji's finger and stabbing him in the heart.

Luckily, Seiji shot out a blast that impactfully pierced through Ace Killer's torso, thought to have successfully killed him. This was underestimated when Ace is revealed to be immortal, kicking aside the unconscious Seiji and decides to take out his skull personally for a trophy.

Shinjiro, angered from this attempt, activates his full potential when he gets a boost from his Timer Mode as he easily takes down Ace Killer as the latter did no effort to fight back at all. Ace is then finished off by Shinjiro's Specium Ray, fully avenging Seiji and Yuko's parents.

However, before he died, he somehow activated his hatchet's signaling feature to have his spaceship drop a large bomb onto Earth as his last resort in case he is defeated or has died. Luckily, Bemular stops the bomb in time and destroys it alongside the ship.


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