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May my heart be my guiding key.
~ Aced

Aced is an antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Union X game and Kingdom Hearts Back Cover.


Aced is adamant, fearless and brutal, doing whatever it takes to make sure that the light survives the darkness, even if it meant killing the other Foretellers.

Physical Appearance

Aced has the appearance of a young man. His signature animal emblem for his union is a bear and his robe's color scheme is dark grey, black, and gold. And he wears dark brown boots.


Kingdom Hearts Union X

Aced is the leader of the Ursus Union, he was Ira's right hand man before Aced grew tired of Ira's leadership and betrayed him. When Aced found out the world was about to come to an end, he strengthened his union and even told the other Foretellers that they should form an alliance to survive it. Aced attacked the hero of the story and even told him that he is not worthy of the Keyblade and attempted to strike him down but was stopped when Ira aided the hero, Aced then left angrily. Then in the Keyblade War, he attacked the hero again telling him that he deemed him unworthy, and when he was defeated he tried to kill the hero and told him he was a threat, but was stopped once again by Ira and the two fought. When the hero came to face Ira at the Keyblade War, when Ira was defeated, Aced ambushed him and told Ira that his union will win this war and he will banish the other Foretellers and become the leader and master of all the unions.

Kingdom Hearts Back Cover

Aced was given his role to be Ira's right hand man, much to his disappointment. When Ira claimed that their was a traitor among them, Aced demanded that they find out who and destroy him. When Ira failed to come up with a solution to the problem, Aced walked out of the room. Aced then asked Ava, Gula and Invi to meet up with him and form an alliance among their unions, but Ava and Invi didnt accept and Gula is the only one who joined. When they haven't found the traitor in a long time, Gula grew tired of their alliance and left. Aced then got mad at Invi for persuading Gula to break off their alliance, attacking her with no remorse, when Gula and Ava saw them, Invi claimed to have found the traitor and it was Aced, knowing this Gula and Ava then attacked Aced with Invi, leading to the town being completely destroyed. After the fight, Gula confronted Aced and told him his role is to find the traitor and strike him down. Angered by the fact that Gula knew about the traitor and didn't say anything, Aced attacked Gula and injured him, he almost killed him until Ava came to Gula's rescue, Aced then left.

Kingdom Hearts III

Aced appeared with the other Foretellers at the end of Kingdom Hearts III when Xigbar summoned them back.


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